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Let’s Ride!

“I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike! I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like!” Oops sorry, that’s a Queen song- I got a little carried away when I saw this awesome trunk for bikes.

Moynat, the Groupe Arnault-owned heritage trunk and leather goods firm, has launched a bicycle picnic trunk. It’s designed to fit perfectly between the front wheel and handle bar. It’s made from their signature, Art Deco Initiale canvas and comes complete with aluminum thermoses, porcelain goblets, cutlery holders and a sandwich drawer.

Does anyone want to meet me at the park today? I’ll bring lunch.

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A splash of Lime


My six year old son recently picked out these neon lime and grey Vans at Nordstrom. Then, when we  met up with his pal for a weekend of fun,  he was sporting the same color combination–grey shoes with neon lime strings. I love the look! It’s not too much neon and paired with a charcoal grey makes for a perfect mix. Leave it to the kids to “trend spot”.

Now I want a grey sweater, hoodie with neon lime pull strings. Looks like fall fashion is going to be fun!

Happy Monday!

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Bear-y Bad!

Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic for the week.

“Once upon time, there were three bears and a model.” Hmmmm… you finish the rest of the story, I’m running late this morning. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

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The Wizard of Aaaahhhs!

I’m so blessed to have the most creative and talented people in my life! I’ve just renamed my photographer friend Adam Petrasek, “The Wizard of Aaaahhhs”! We’ve been doing a lot of photo shoots for Roadkill Ranch and Boutique lately and I must say that every time Adam sends me a picture, I say “Aaahhh…this is AAHHHH SOME!!!”

We were inspired by Tarina Tarantino’s Wizard of Oz jewelry that we carry at the store, with the “Good Witch” and the “Bad Witch” pendants. We happened to have a crow and a bird from some old window displays, so we started to get creative. Everyone had their own spin on “Good Witch”, we went from sweet and innocent to trailer trash queen within minutes. Adam took the shots so he could put both looks in one picture and it turned out brilliant. Thanks to the beautiful Samantha Parks for modeling and thanks  to the “Wizard of Aaaahhhs” for granting us our photographic wishes!

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Movie Time

Fashion Video

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I love to make videos. As a matter of fact, I rarely leave home with out my camcorder. Anyway, a lot of the designers are making videos to represent their collections, and I have to say, that some… well… just aren’t all that. I love Alexander McQueen, don’t get me wrong, but this video doesn’t do the collection justice. It’s more like a promo for a cool, new XBOX game. And…well…I think I can make a better one. There I said it! I’m calling my collaborative friends who also make vids today! So stay tuned for a dose of Roadkill Ranch & Boutique’s fashion film in the near future.  And please leave your feedback about this video.

Alexander McQueen

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Hercules for Roadkill Ranch

On Saturday, we were invited by Connected Gift Suites to promote the store at the Teen Choice Awards. It’s always fun to meet celebrities who love the store. We met a lot of teen actors and actresses who were excited about Roadkill Ranch, but my favorite person of the day was Kevin Sorbo AKA Hercules. He had so much energy,  and was raving about our style, so he graciously gave us a positive shout out for the store. Thank you Kevin Sorbo!!! The Roadkill Girls love you!

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Head Gear


Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic for the week. It looks like Steampunk gone bad, or a little too far. It’s great for a costume or window display on a mannequin, but that’s about it!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Booby Trap


The first bra was patented in the early 19th century by New York socialite Mary Phelps Jacob. But, according to archeologists in Austria, that’s simply not true!

New discoveries that were unearthed at Lemberg Castle in Tyrol reveal four bras from over 600 years ago. The bras were found with more than 2,700 textile fragments made from linen and cotton. They were dug up with remnants of leather, wood and straw.

They also found what looks to be under panties. Beatrix Nutz the archeologist who found the relics claims that they’re  men’s underwear — women did not wear anything under their flowing skirts back then.

“Underpants were considered a symbol of male dominance and power,” she said.

Medieval drawings often show a man and a woman fighting for a pair of underpants in a symbolic battle to see who “wears the trousers” in the family.


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Sole Succulents


If I owned a shoe store, I would decorate it with these creative, sole succulents. Super cute!

That’s all for today, I’m not that pumped up. (Yawns and goes back to bed.)

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Collar ID


One of the biggest looks for fall and for next spring is jeweled and decorative collars. Whether it’s on shirts, coats or dresses, the collar trend is turning heads. It’s a fresh update and an easy DIY to any plain-collared item. I just recently bought a black tank top for Roadkill Ranch & Boutique with spikes around the collar and it was a big hit! So stick your neck out and try something new. And, when making purchases this week, look for the bling around the collar!

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