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The Tent Commandments

Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pick for the week. A tent dress! Brilliant idea for getting out of dirty camping trip deeds.

1. Thou shall not go on hikes (my dress won’t make it up the hill Dear).

2. Thou  shall not make a tent (because I’m wearing my own).

3. Thou shall not go on scavenger hunts (I don’t want everyone throwing their treasures in my tent).

4. Thou shall not go fishing (because…ewww! I don’t want stinky fish smell on my dress).

5. Thou shall not fetch water (it’s too hard to carry buckets in this dress).

6. Thou shall not sit around a campfire and tell stories (it’s too hard to sit in this dress).

7. Thou shall not feed the animals (I don’t want them taking up residence in my tent).

8. Thou shall not swim in the lake (my dress might sink).

9. Thou shall not let strangers in my tent (well, because, you never know).

10. Thou will promise to stay put and keep watch.

In other words, I’d prefer to go to Rome.


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Fun Zone


Last night was an incredible evening of theatrical mis behavin’. My fabulous, thespian, soul sister Melinda took me on a date to see Teatro Zin Zanni in Costa Mesa. It’s a  high-end traveling circus act with a 5 course gourmet meal. The show is performed under a 92 year old Spiegletent with carved wood, brass fixtures and amazing stained glass detailing.

The show is called “Love, Chaos and Dinner” so we knew there was a 100% chance of a really good time. It was 3 hours of dancing, laughing and singing. It was a mix of Broadway, Vaudeville, Cabaret, Burlesque, and Cirque de Soleil, with a dash of Rock n’ Roll. The salads came out dancing, the cast was naughty, and the band was awesome! (Especially the drummer; Evan Stone.)

When Dr. “D” (the quacky charlatan with the magic elixir drops) turned  into “The Queen of Hearts” and the yodeling dominatrix came out with her whip, the crowd went wild.

So, if you’re looking for love, chaos and dinner, this show is for you! Set in the nightclub of your Roaring Twenties dreams, this show will not only unleash your inner diva but will escape you to a theatrical, fantasy land. (Just don’t take more than 2 drops of Dr. D’s elixir!)

The show runs through December 31st, at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. For more info call 714 556-2787.

Photo credit: Mark Kitaoka


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Awaken the Soles


These are my top 5 shoe picks to wear for the next week.

1. Kermit Tesoro skull heels.

2. Christian Louboutin rhinestone spider web pumps.

3. Candy Corn mary jane by Pleaser.

4. Black cat flats by Charlotte Olympia.

5. Bat pump by Thea Cadabra.

So get your spook on with a pair of these festive shoes; they’re frightfully fantastic! And, don’t sell your soles to the devil, you might need them again next year too.


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It’s Saturday Everyday!


Kate Spade has just confirmed that she will release a new line of goods called “Saturday”. It’s a more relaxed look with a lower price point. Yay! Now everyone can have that preppy-chic style at a fraction of the cost! Look for bold brights with a fun  twist; clothing, accessories, and home goods are all part of the grand scheme.

Kate Spade Saturday is planned to launch in Japan in February 2013 through e-commerce and a flagship store in Tokyo. The brand is expected to launch exclusively online at in the United States in Spring 2013.

“Through ongoing research, we saw an opportunity in the market to engage a new customer base – one that aspires to be a part of the Kate Spade New York brand. Kate Spade Saturday is born from the core values of Kate Spade New York, but is realized in a new and exciting way for this younger customer,” says Craig Leavitt, CEO of Kate Spade New York.



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Karl for President!


Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director for Chanel, has accused President Francoise Hollande of destroying France’s economy by taxing the rich. He even went as far as to call the Socialistic leader an “idiot”!

“This idiot will be as disastrous as Zapatero was,” Lagerfeld said in an interview with the Spanish edition of glossy fashion magazine Marie Claire published on Friday.

“It’s a disaster. He wants to punish (the rich) and of course they leave and no one invests,” he said. “Foreigners don’t want to invest in France and that’s just not going to work.”

“Outside of fashion, jewelery, perfume and wine, France isn’t competitive,” Lagerfeld said. “The rest of our products don’t sell. Who buys French cars? I don’t.”

Dr. Mr. Lagerfeld,

Please come to the US and explain your concept. Your vision is profound! Better yet, please run for President. You’ve got my vote!



PS And while you’re here, stop by my store (Roadkill Ranch & Boutique in Fullerton), I have something for you!



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Peep Hole

OK, here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic of the week. It’s just really hard for me to look at this seriously. I’m still waiting for her to unzip the jacket so Dr. Seuss’s  “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” can jump out and start dancing.


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Pendleton Pusher

In 1889 Thomas Kay started a woolen mill in Salem, Oregon. He trained his daughter Fannie in every aspect of the mills operation, and when she met her husband, Charles Pleasant Bishop, the two would become one awesome team. Bishop was a successful retailer, so did they marry their souls, they married their skills, and in 1909 Pendleton was born! The original factory is still producing goods. And the company is still family owned and run by the 6th generation.

The quality and style is unbeatable and I’m so proud to have such a legendary line at my store. Pendleton never goes out of style, and this American made classic is a staple for every man.

So, since Roadkill Ranch is the largest distributor in OC, you’ll know where to go to get yours. The factory only produces so much, and we’ve already received our holiday order which means we will not be getting any more until next year.

Why am I writing this you ask? Because every year right before the holidays, grown men come to Roadkill Ranch and start whining when their size is gone. Grown men crying over Pendleton is not a good look! So men (and women who are gifting), please don’t wait until the last minute this year. Stop in soon while the selection is healthy.

You’ll thank me later!

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Fall Moods

Happy Wednesday everyone! I just got back from a trip to Wine Country. My little sister got married at Trentadue Winery, so I took a few days off to enjoy family, friends and, well… wine. It was a gorgeous event and the timing was perfect. (Hence the recent lack of blogging.) And, since all the leaves are brown and the sky is gray, wait…that’s a Mamas & The Papas song. Whatever!

Needless to say, I’m back in the swing of things and ready to embrace the fall season. We have so many great things in the boutique right now, so I decided to make a slide show just for you! (Just click on the picture above.)

I hope you enjoy it and next time you decide to go for a walk on a winter’s day, stop in and see me.

OK-  I can’t stop singing, California Dreamin’ by The Mamas & The Papas, so I’ve linked it up for your listening enjoyment as well.


California Dreamin’

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Crazy Catalogue Items

Neiman Marcus has just released their Holiday Catalogue and some of the “luxury” items are out-of-control!

Featured for $150,000, you can own a Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody-Tailgate Trailer. It comes complete with a radical sound system (including a flat screen TV), and a fully stocked bar. Tailgating never looked so good!

Or, for all of those times when you belted out Annie tunes in your bedroom without anyone discovering your raw talent, now is your chance to shine. For a mere $30,000, you can actually star on Broadway in “Annie: The Musical”. Wow! I guess the sun really will come out tomorrow!

And, just incase your hens aren’t being pampered enough, this luxury hen house (inspired by France’s Versailles palace)  can be yours for only $100,000. I’m sure the hens will appreciate the library and the crystal chandeliers.

Well, this could work to my advantage. I’ll beg my husband for the trailer and when he says no, I’ll start crying and insist on the once-in-a-lifetime chance to star on Broadway as Annie. After he tries to talk some financial sense into me, I’ll calm down and agree with him. Then I’ll let him know that I’ll be happy with just a new iPhone5, a new iPad and a new Louis Vuitton bag. It should work like a charm. Thanks Neiman Marcus!

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After 91 years of famous women endorsing the Chanel No. 5 fragrance, Brad Pitt makes history. The sexiest man in the world (in my humble opinion) received  7 million dollars to align himself with the product.

Check out the film teasers with his sultry, bedroom voice. I’m not sure that it makes me want to buy the perfume;  it definitely makes me want to…Oh!!! Never mind!!!

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