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Shopping Party

Picture 5


I’m so excited! Tomorrow night is our annual customer appreciation party. We started having pre-Christmas sales at my store a while back after I got really pissed off with some of the big “After Christmas” sales. One year I  purchased several items before the holidays only to find them discounted the very next day after Christmas. I will never shop there again!! (And no, I’m not going to say the name, I don’t play dirty.) Anyway, I like to give my loyal customers a deal before the holidays when everyone needs it the most.

I hope you all will stop by and receive  20% off every single thing in our store!  Corky from Fullerton Foundry will be making delicious treats, Dena from Sort This Out Cellars will be serving up complimentary wine, Holly from Tres Noir will be sharing her new sunglass styles and world renowned pin-up  and burlesque star Ruby Champagne will be making  a special appearance.

Kick off the season in style!


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Guess Who?

Dannielynn Birkhead is the new face for Guess (the Kids division). Dannielynn  is the six year old daughter of the late Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith. Her mother died in 2007 from a drug overdose when Dannielynn was just a few months old. Ironically Anna Nicole Smith was a “Guess Girl” in the ’90s and helped launch the ad campaign.

Of course there’s tons of controversy over the decision whether to let the little girl model or not. But, in all honesty, as long as she doesn’t start dating 86-year- old men and doing drugs, I think she’ll be fine.

Good luck Dannielynn!

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Grandpa Style!

When 72 year old Liu Qianping went to visit his granddaughter in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, he had no idea fame would find him. His granddaughter Lu Ting, an aspiring fashion designer, was distraught over the cancellation of her model (those flaky supermodels) on the day of the photo shoot for her online business “Yue Kou”. When grandpa showed up to show his support for the clothing line, he tried on a jacket and thought it was funny. One thing led to another and he stepped in as their model.

Now his pictures have gone viral and the on line store is booming. Liu Qianping, now referred to as “MaDiGaGa”, is a star. He has received several modeling offers, and made his first TV show appearance last week.

“I never dreamed of lucky things like these happening to me. Now, my name has spread to everywhere in the country,” he said.

As for now, he is not taking any other modeling jobs but will continue to be the face of his granddaughter’s business.

I love this story, this is something my grandpa would have done to support me.

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Turkey Day!


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has an abundant day with family and friends.


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Madame Chic


The hottest new book is available now!

“Lessons From Madame Chic: The Top 20 Things I Learned While Living in Paris.” By Jennifer L. Scott.

When Jennifer Scott arrived in Paris as a foreign exchange student from Santa Monica, California, she had no idea her life would be fashionably transformed. The lady she was staying with (AKA Madame Chic), took Jennifer under her wing and became her mentor.

The book tells of life lessons that she gained while living in France. From how to look polished by getting rid of 70% of her “throw-away” wardrobe to healthier, glowing skin by eating with a fork and knife.

The author admits that “You must suffer to be French” but also how these lessons have changed her for the good.

Dear Jennifer,

Please come to my store, Roadkill Ranch & Boutique, for a book signing event. We’ll bring the refreshments, you bring the advice!


Julie Rasmussen

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Spider Style

My 16 year old son recently brought home a “pet” tarantula.

“Look mom, I bought a spider.”

Me: (Totally disgusted, but trying not to take the “shock value” bait.) “Oh cool, let me grab my camera.”

Click, Click, Click!

Me: “I hope it doesn’t bite you!”

Son: “It’s docile mom!”

Me: (Secretly googles the word docile) “Oh OK, well, I hope it doesn’t get loose.” (Desperately  hoping it escapes from it’s jar. Oh,scratch that! I don’t want it loose in the house!!!)

A few days pass and son still hasn’t upgraded the spider’s living space to a larger atrium or box. He hasn’t even played with it, and now I’m starting to feel sorry for the thing. WTF is wrong with me?! I’m feeling sorry for a spider?

Oddly enough, I came across this pic of tarantula shoes. It’s supposed to be a live spider living in the sole. So, I’m going to tell my son today, that if he doesn’t start taking care of his “pet” then I’m donating it to the Fashion Industry. At least if it’s safely in a shoe like this, it will be able to get out a little bit and see the sights, see other creatures and feel a sense of purpose.


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Hula Hooper!

Are you a “Hula Hooper”? When I  was growing up in Anaheim, my BF and I used to have Hula Hoop contests to see who could keep the plastic ring going around our waists the longest. We loved the hoop, it was the best invention ever. We would toss it high up in the air and catch it like professional ringleaders. We would somersault through it, jump rope with it, and we eventually mastered the “cool kids” trick by spinning it strategically down the sidewalk so it would come back to us. Those were the days!

We thought of a lot of things to do with the hoop, but never thought to make it into a handbag. Shame on us! I’m glad Karl Lagerfeld decided to do it. (Of course anything with a Chanel label looks good.)

I love the concept and I love the look, but unfortunately, it’s just not functional for me (or anyone) now that I’m a grown up.

I’d do anything to have my Hula Hoop days back. It was a time where nothing else mattered but playing outside all day, running through the sprinklers and performing Hula Hoop tricks.

I’m glad some things never get old. And thank you Karl Lagerfeld for channeling the young at heart in all of us!

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Runway Remorse


Victoria’s Secret’s yearly runway shows feature sexy, over-the-top styles with a borderline costume party vibe. This year model Karlie Kloss walked  the cat walk in a Native American headdress. Her leopard lingerie mixed with turquoise statement jewelry was an exotic scene. However, certain Native American groups were outraged, protesting and claiming that Victoria’s Secret is misrepresenting their culture.

The company has been apologizing profusely and has agreed to pull the look from their upcoming TV broadcast.

Ruth Hopkins, a columnist for Indian Country, said that “making a mockery of Native identity is unacceptable.”

“After years of patronage and loyalty to the Victoria’s Secret brand, I am repaid with the mean-spirited, disrespectful trivialization of my blood ancestry and the proud Native identity I work hard to instill in my children,” she wrote. “Well, I’ve got news for you, Victoria’s Secret. Consider yourself boycotted.”

Thoughts anyone?

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Oh Shoot!

Megan Crothers

James Hoberg

OC TV crew

Fred Mason

Adam Petrasek

Terrance LoveWayne Rutledge



Another great weekend and another great photo shoot (thanks to Megan Crothers) for Roadkill Ranch. I was joking around that I like to take pictures of people taking pictures, then it dawned on me; that was actually a true statement. I wanted to share some of the photos from our shoot, but they’re just so good, I don’t want to spoil the surprise of the website debut.

As I was going through my photos, I began to see a pattern of my PSD (Photographer Stalking Disorder). Yes, I just made that up. Maybe it’s not a disorder, maybe it’s just the thrill of capturing the captor?

Maybe I’m on to the next coffee table book? Who knows? But for now, I’m going to open up and say, “Hi, my name is Julie and I’m a photographer stalker.”

Happy Monday!

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Pot Head

Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic for the week. This masterpiece was created  by a budding designer fresh out of the London College of Fashion. I don’t know what I’d do if I spent $20,000 a year on tuition for my child and they produced this after 4 years.

I guess I shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Maybe the instructor took them all to the 99c Store and told them to “cook up” something different.

OK, I better sign off now before I  say something snarky. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Stay stylish!

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