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Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic for the week. It’s gross and greasy, yet it’s making me hungry for pizza all at the same time.

I think I’d probably wear this with my boyfriend jeans and Converse to a kid’s pizza party. I’m seeing a huge, black olive necklace and some mushroom earrings to complete the outfit.

For those of you who can’t wait to get your very own pizza shirt, just go to Pizza Shirt and order today.

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Less is More


I hope everyone had a great holiday. I’m just sitting here this morning reflecting on the year and trying to decide what more I can do next year to be a better person, a better mom, a better friend,  a better business colleague , etc. Then I came across this post on Facebook from the Idealist, and it really just says it all. Less is more! And, since sharing is caring, I decided to share with you as well. I hope this inspires you as it has inspired me, to do less of what brings us down and more of the little things in life that truly make us happy. Because, when we are feeling healthy and happy, we are better people all around.

Have a fantastic day! XO

The Idealist

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Tree- Mendous



Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic for the week.

“Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your green, latex gloves.”

I’m actually entertaining the thought of wearing something like this to a party tomorrow. It’s freaking fabulous! The only problem is I won’t be able to show off my “Gangnam Style” moves that I’ve worked so hard to perfect. Always a dilemma!!!


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Silly Sidetracks

Picture 8Picture 13Picture 11


This is what happens to me when I shop online. ADD!!! I decided to get some last minute shopping done for my boys, so I logged onto Urban Outfitters last night. I didn’t see much for the guys, but came across these items that I just couldn’t live without:

1.Waffle and syrup soap, because it looks yummy and it’s calorie free.

2. A prescription coffee cup for more coffee, because I’m addicted to coffee.

3. Skull hangers, because they’re awesome! (I ordered the fox, pug and cat too.)

I have a confession. There were more than these 3 items, but I didn’t want anyone to know how bad my OCD, ADD, OMG, LOL, AMX, UPS problem really is.

So what if I like to be surrounded by things that make me laugh?

The only problem is, I didn’t make any progress with gift giving. So now, I’ll probably be traipsing around the mall today. I just hope the Kate Spade store doesn’t jump out and distract me, then I’ll be SOL.




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Clothes Horse


This is Maxfield. An uber-cool store nestled in the corner of The Malibu Country Mart. Monday was my ditch work, (well not really, I was trend spotting) spend time with friends, shopping day, and we had a blast. Of course, I’m always intrigued with visual merchandising, so I was pretty amused at this “Clothes Horse” that stood proudly at the entrance of the store. The sexy beast was layered in white panties, garter belts, gloves and bras. It was a magnificent sight to behold. While everyone else was ooh-ing and aww-ing over the 120k vintage, designer bar ware and the 20k “special” rings, I was kicking myself for not bringing my good camera.

This picture is just proof that I NEED the new iPhone 5 with a better camera!!! (HINT HINT SANTA!) Anyway, I loved everything about this store, from the gorgeous merchandise to the sign on the floor that read: “Happy Holidays U Clothes Horse U.”

Brilliant! I’m inspired!

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That’s Tight!

Picture 15il_570xN.340856650

I just came across these amazing tights by Indie artist Teja Jamilla. I’m obsessed with cool leg wear and Teja’s designs are far from boring! I love all of the whimsical styles and colors. And who wouldn’t want an Alice in Wonderland/ Steampunk inspired pair of tights?

Check out her Etsy store at for more great looks and support an Indie artist this season.

Happy Tuesday!


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Monday in Malibu



I can’t say that rainy days and Mondays always get me down. Today I get to hang out with my BF for some serious shopping and trend-spotting in Malibu. I’m drawing my wardrobe inspiration from this picture. I’m just so excited that the weather has cooled down and I can finally pull out all of my sweaters and coats.

This girl kind of reminds me of me, from the hair to the shoes to the phone. She must be INSTAGRAMMING!

And that’s what I’ll be doing too (in between shopping), so I hope you’ll join me under Roadkill_ranch for the latest finds.


Happy Monday!

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Are you an Instagram junkie? Do you like taking pictures of everything you see and do so you can share it with the world?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you just had glasses that could upload straight to Instagram?

Well, it’s not that far from reach! German visual communications designer Markus Gerke has invented a prototype that does just that. He’s created a sunglass design that would allow you to select a filter from your glasses, push the “Insta” button to activate,  and then Voila! The pictures would be uploaded immediately.

Pure genius you say? Me too! However, these are purely fictional and are still sitting in a design room in Germany. So for now, we’ll just have to do it the “old fashioned way”, I mean the “smartphone way”.

And with that being said, check out our up-to-the-minute  pics of the boutique and a day-in-the-life of the Roadkill Girls. We love staying connected so follow us on Insatgram under “Roadkill_ranch” and we’ll follow you too.


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Prada Preview


Here’s a sneak peek of what went down the runways for Prada’s 2013 Spring Collection. If I were to sum this up in a few words it would be, retro, glam-rock, geisha vibe, with a hint of Mary Quant. How exciting! I’m glad glitter and glam isn’t going anywhere soon, and I do predict an asian fever in the near future.

When making purchases this season, take advantage of the holiday clearance items with rhinestones and glitter that can be resurrected into spring wardrobes.

Stay Stylish!

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Orange Crush


Saturday I spent 2  hours purging my 7 year old son’s closet and drawers. He is growing so fast and everything from undies to jammies to shoes to clothes were too small. Yesterday I decided to take him shopping with me so he could try on. I never in a million years would have picked these bright, neon- orange Vans for him, but when he saw them  at Nordstrom, the begging and pleading began.  I noticed my  12 year old niece who was with us became  sad. I thought maybe she was bored or perhaps her iPhone died and she couldn’t instagram, but no! She was sad because she too wanted the orange shoes and they didn’t have her size.

My son insisted on wearing them out of the store and Nordstrom was working on transferring in a pair from another store for my niece. Leave it to the kids to trend spot. Apparently, a slice of orange is a “must have” for young wardrobes.

I hope everyone has a great week. Remember to stay stylish!

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