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Fancy Pants

Paris Fashion Chanelhbz-Stockholm-FW-082912-03-lgnhbz-Marant-RS13-1939-lgn


I see London, I see France, I see someone’s “Fancy Pants”!

It’s the year of the pant! Look for crazy-wild patterns, embellished cuffs, studs, sparkles, feathers and lace on anything from a legging to a wide trouser. It’s going to be a fun season, so update your wardrobe with some “Fancy Pants”. Or, get out your Bedazzler and a glue gun and create your own designs.

Stay Stylish!


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Shoe Lust


Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I don’t need to write anything. Although I do have one thing to say, “Alexander McQueen”.

Stay Stylish!

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Rock the Look

tumblr_maktvrB5bK1qzkhv4o1_1280Anna+Sui+Spring+2013+Details+V6PDGO4emoJl Anna+Sui+Spring+2013+Details+znjW_q7NSIUl Anna-Sui-Spring-2013-Vail-Fucci-0791700-21

Anna Sui brings down the house again during New York Fashion Week. Her 2013 collection was an eclectic mix of Rock n’ Roll, Punk, Rockabilly and Goth inspired looks, with a splash of Pin-Up and ’80s glam. WHOA!!! That was a mouthful. I was so excited to see all of her chunky skeleton jewelry because we actually have similar pieces at Roadkill Ranch right now (yay me).

The Ramones blasted as the cat walkers took the stage with their star-studded looks. It was a concert of  plaids, florals, ripped  fishnets, chunky spikes, buckles and skulls. Every outfit was layered with a mix of good and bad like lace with leather and pretty ruffles paired with torn and shredded pieces.

So, pull out those old Doc Martins and pair them with your boho-chic maxi skirt, add a leather jacket and a big skull necklace and you’ve got the look. Or, take an old party dress, add some fishnet stockings and a denim jacket, then accessorize to the max for a badass day look.

I’m loving all of the options for spring and am slightly reliving my 1980’s glory days. Only this time around, there’s no Aqua Net hairspray  needed for the big hair look. Headbands, cat ears and sparkly pins on tame, colored hair seems to be where we’re heading.

People will always stare, so make it worth their while.

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Candy Coated


As a boutique owner, my team and I are always trying to think of creative ways to promote the products through visual merchandising. We spend a lot of time brainstorming, making props and displaying the merchandise for our customers. So, you can imagine how far my jaw dropped  when I saw these photos from the Harbour City Mall in Hong Kong.

The amount of love that went into this exhibit is truly phenomenal, and all to promote their 3rd annual chocolate trail. During the month of Feb. they set up over 20 stands throughout the mall featuring  gourmet chocolatiers from around the world, including: Mio Miko from Belgium and  Venchi from Italy.

I’m impressed with the integrity of the show and I wish I could visit Hong Kong just to see this in person. Although the props are not edible, they certainly do the trick; I’m already craving chocolate!

Have a sweet week!

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Privacy Issues



Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic for the week. Finally, a laptop accessory that makes sense! It’s about time someone invented a sweater that is able to bring you and your laptop together as one. Now you can stay warm and search whatever site you want without ever being creeped on. And, it’s so inconspicuous, no one will ever think that you’re a crazy lunatic for using one.



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Picture 9

This new and improved umbrella is basically a giant, plastic bubble that protects your face, head and shoulders from the rain, and other uncomfortable weather conditions. And, with it’s patent-pending shoulder straps, there’s no need to worry about it turning inside out or blowing out of your hands with each gust of wind. In fact, it’s completely hands free, so you can still text and Instagram. Perfect!

Check out for more info or to order one for yourself.

Stay Dry!

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Fashion Is My Drug


It’s officially “Market Week” and I spent six hours with one vendor yesterday hammering out my buy plan for our upcoming web store ( I’m headed back to LA again today for round two.

Yep, fashion is my drug and I love it!!!

Happy Hump Day!

PS follow us on Instagram at Roadkill_ranch for up-to-the-minute style and web store alerts.



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Ring Your Neck


Spring fashion is full of decorative collars and jumbo, statement necklaces. I recently previewed several spring collections and all of them featured gigantic necklaces or choker-attachments of some kind. The first picture is from Prada’s spring collection and the second picture is Chanel. I love the bold pieces, it’s an inexpensive and quick way to update your wardrobe.

So, invest in a few statement pieces this season. From spikes, to gold, to bold colors to chunky pearls, anything goes. Pair with anything from a collared blouse to a plain, old sweatshirt, and let your style shine through!

Have a glamorous day!

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Red Carpet Recap

Picture 2slide_274459_1978304_free_1Picture 9Picture 8Picture 10

The 70th annual Golden Globe award ceremonies took place last night in Beverly Hills at the Beverly Hills Hotel. It was a star studded event that still has everyone talking! Congratulations to everyone who took home statues and to everyone who continues to make the entertainment world a better place.

I loved seeing all of the amazing gowns parade down the red carpet, but there were a few that had me scratching my head. Here’s my top picks from best to head scratcher.

First pick, Nicole Kidman in an Alexander McQueen gown with a studded top and mesh bodice. She looked fierce, sexy and classy.

Second pick, Anne Hathaway in Chanel. Anne Hathaway + Chanel = Perfection! Need I say more?

Third pick, Isla Fisher in a Reem Acra sheer, nude gown covered in sparkle. I love the illusion neckline. She looked pure, glamourous, and sexy all at the same time.

Fourth pick, Lucy Liu in an oversized “Belle of the Ball” dress by Carolina Herrera. The pattern is very retro, so I think it would have been a better choice to ditch the cumbersome, poof  bottom and turn it into a sleek, form fitting dress instead. I would have given her a ’40s look by replacing the “girl next door” braid with a “pin up” style hair do.

Fifth pick, Halle Berry in a flowy, one shoulder, cut-out bodice, thigh-high slit, Versace gown. Don’t get me wrong, I love Halle (and Versace). Her body is non- stoppable and she looks amazing in everything. However, I felt that she looked more like an island goddess ready to conquer the mainlanders in this ensemble. She can definitely pull off anything, but I would have liked to have seen her play a more glamourous role.

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Doll Clothes


Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic of the week. You all know how much I love Barbie, but I’m not sure if I’m happy about her hanging upside down naked from a skirt. Perhaps the designer is paying homage to Barbie and her amazing flexibility skills?

Or, maybe the designer was playing “nudist colony” Barbie and got inspired. Oh don’t act like you never played “nudist colony” Barbie. C’mon! If you were raised in the ’70s, lived in California, pretended you were a Charlie’s Angel, wore Dolphin shorts and tube tops, most likely you played “nudist colony” Barbie. (OK, perhaps spending weekends at my dad’s house in Malibu and Topanga Canyon had something to do with it– there were a lot of “colonies” around there.)

I’m going to say that this is a tribute to Barbie’s freedom. She can be anything and do anything and is not afraid to show it.

This definitely gives new meaning to doll clothes. Now, if we can only get someone to make a shirt from Ken dolls, this outfit would be complete.


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