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When two people from different backgrounds collaborate, the end result can be rather stunning. That’s what happened when Charlotte Olympia and Tom Binns married their ideas.

Charlotte Olympia’s designs are whimsical, fun, and full of intense femininity, while Tom Binns tends to err on the side of anarchy. The two created this Punk Rock- inspired collection of shoes and handbags to coincide with the “Punk: Chaos to Couture” exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The show will reveal early day Punk style and how it has gradually inspired the fashion industry over the years.

I remember in 1981 when the band Black Flag came to my high school (Katella) in Anaheim, CA. Punkers came in droves from surrounding cities just to see them play. It was a sea of rebels with mohawks and black, skin-tight pants. Doc Martins covered the walk ways, while bad-ass anarchists smoked their cigarettes and invaded our school’s front lawn. A huge riot broke out in the streets and within minutes the cops were there to break it up and cancel the show. It was the most exciting thing I’d ever seen.

I found myself wanting to be in the midst of the action, well, I was in the midst of the action, but wanted more of a screaming and yelling in the streets kind of action. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite fit in with my Dittos and ’70s-inspired, ruffled blouse. But, if I would’ve had these safety pin pumps and clutch bag, I may have been bold enough to run out there and shout a few words of my own.

I love their classy collaboration and the collection will be available for sale at, and some Macy’s stores in the beginning of May.

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3 thoughts on “Pinned!

  1. Patty says:

    It was my freshman year and I too was at the Katella High Black Flag riot. Shy, quiet, and not impressed with the use of safety pins as punk jewelry. However looking at these pumps and clutch bag I realize way back then, the problem was not with the safety pins. It was with the way they were displayed, on the faces of blue Mohawk rebels without a cause. I still do not feel like screaming in the streets but with shoes and a bag like these, who needs to – let them do the screaming for you! Very nice. On a side note thanks to the riot and none of us returning to class when instructed to do so, we lost the right to leave campus for lunch for the entire four years I was there. How is a girl suppose to sneak in a little day time shopping if she can’t leave campus? One reason to dislike Punk but two very stylish reasons to like it now.

  2. roadkillgirl says:

    Hahaha Patty!!! So true! Private message me on my Roadkill Ranch FB page, I’m sure we know each other:) Hope you’re still marching on to glory!!!

    • Patty says:

      Ha ha – Now you leave me no choice but to admit I have not fully embraced the 21st century and entered the facebook world.

      I still wave my banner high but not in the beautiful state of California. It was such a fluke that I found this website. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was reading and you mentioned Katella and the riot. It would even be more amazing if we knew each other because I was a very quiet shy person in high school and melting into the woodwork was my specialty. I did highjack my son’s facebook and took a look at your page. I really wish I saw this website and your FB page sooner because I would have loved to stop by the Fullerton shop when I was back home in March. Your style and flare is unique but seems to appeal to a great deal of people, myself included. I have a twenty-one year old daughter who I’m sure would agree with me. At this stage of the game she still thinks bling on the back pockets of her favorite jeans is a style but I cannot wait for her to come home for a visit so I can expand her imagination.Thanks for replying back it is a thrill to touch base with another former Knight.

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