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Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic of the week, a baby, lamb, head piece. Wait! Maybe it’s a dog?! At any rate, an animal-faced, forehead cap, with dyed-to-match hair color is so baaaaahhhh-baaaaahhhhd! (Almost as bad as that pun, assuming this is a sheep.)

Maybe she’s trying to show her gentler side, or maybe she’s trying to cover up a big zit? I think I’m going to pass on this trend for now, the last thing I need is a sheep on my head. Or maybe I do? Maybe people will think twice before dumping their self-loathing animosities toward life on me if I’m wearing “Mary’s Little Lamb”.


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Sexy at 69

lauren_2600295a lucky-lauren-hutto_2600296a


Renowned film star and model, Lauren Hutton, is the new face of Lucky Brand. The label hired the 69 year old star to take center stage in their ad campaigns, and replaced the former Lucky Brand model Missy Rayder who is 34 years old.

Way to go Lauren! This picture and story is so inspiring. So many times society judges beauty on youthfulness, and now this may be a turning point for many designers and marketing directors in the fashion industry. Beauty comes in all ages and it’s nice to see that at 69 years old, Lauren Hutton is still looking HOT!!! And still getting work!

I hope I look this good when I’m 69. And thank you Lucky Brand for reminding us that everyone is beautiful despite their age.

Stay stylish!

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Rock On!

fender_shopfender fender2 fender3Leo-Fender


Leo Fender was an American inventor who founded Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company, or for short “Fender”. His electric guitars are an iconic part of Rock and Roll culture.

The best part about this story is that he was born in Anaheim, CA (where I grew up) in 1909 and raised in Fullerton (where I currently reside and operate a business). He graduated from Fullerton High School in 1928 (the school my oldest son currently attends) and had his first guitar shop 0n Harbor Blvd. in Fullerton. It’s ironic how my boutique is literally down the street from where his shop used to be.

Not only has he changed the way rockers rock, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992. Fender guitars are still being manufactured today in Corona, California (Leo was a strong supporter of USA made products) and many great musicians like Eric Clapton and Eddie Van Halen (just to name a few) will only perform with Fender.

His legend continues to live on through fashion. The company recently inked a deal with Dragonfly Clothing for the Fender license and approached me for an exclusive in Fullerton.

“We want an established store in Fullerton” said a Fender representative. “And Roadkill Ranch & Boutique was our first choice.”

We are thrilled to be partnering up with Fender and are privileged to keep the Leo Fender name alive in his very own town.

The collection is slated to hit Roadkill Ranch & Boutique in August and will be followed by a launch party.

Until then, keep on rockin’!


1. The actual building where Leo Fender had his first guitar shop. Located at 107 S. Spadra (before they changed the name to Harbor Blvd.). Note: this is not his actual business, just a picture of the building.

2. Eddie from Fender Clothing showing me the collection.

3. Fender Clothing at Roadkill Ranch.

4. Cool Fender hangers.

5. Old picture of Leo Fender surrounded by his guitars.

6. Eric Clapton performs only with Fender.

Make sure to join us on Facebook under Roadkill Ranch and Instagram @ Roadkill_ranch for more info and upcoming events.

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Game of Clothes



Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe has teamed up with social gaming company Crowdstar to launch a mobile fashion game. The game will be called Covet Fashion and will allow you to dress avatars with real-world, current-season designs.

The app will be available in early July. Now we can all play dress-up and experiment with different styles and looks. Thanks Rachel Zoe!  I needed another social media fashion addiction! (There’s just not enough hours in the day!)

The company has already signed over 60 designers to participate and show their current items. DKNY and Cynthia Rowley are just a few of the awesome labels lined up to game.

The app will also have contests and links to the designers sites for immediate purchase. Great! I’m doomed!

Happy Monday!

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Getting Hairy



Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic for the week, a pair of hairy tights.

You may have seen this image floating around the media recently. It first showed up on the China Smack web site and since then has gone viral. Apparently, these are real, hairy tights made with the intention to ward off “perverts” so girls can go out and feel safe.

Hmmm….pretty clever approach to an anti-attack method. I’m sure every woman in the world will be sporting these on the streets soon. I know I’d feel safer in a pair (NOT!).

Has it occurred to anyone else, these stockings just might attract some “perverts”?

I’m just sayin’.



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So Fryed!


I admire businesses that have persevered over the years and one of my all-time favorites is The Frye Company. It was founded by John A. Frye in 1863 and is the oldest continuously operated shoe company in the United Sates.

They provided soldiers and pilots with boots during WWII and they have stayed true to their craftsmanship and design. The Frye Harness boot (pictured above in 3 colors) is one of the oldest designs in the line and they are still manufacturing it today.

The Accessories Council Excellence Awards (ACE) will host their 17th annual gala and honor those in the accessory industry that have made great strides and a positive impact to the consumer. Frye will be honored with the first ever “Legacy Award”. Wow!!! What an inspiration! The company is celebrating their 150th anniversary in business.

This is so encouraging to me as the owner of Roadkill Ranch & Boutique, because this year marks our 20 year anniversary. I hope I can leave a legacy like Frye someday. For now, I’m going to keep on keeping on. And, to add a little pep to my step today, I’ve pulled out my favorite pair of Frye boots. (Pictured above.)

Follow your dreams!

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Lovely Bones




I’ve been seeing an influx of dinosaur bones and other skeletal images in the fashion industry lately. The first thing to catch my eye last year was this gold dinosaur necklace by Tatty Devine. I thought it was amazing! Then I brought in a few “bone” images on T-shirts and tanks and the customers really dug them. (Pun intended, but I’m also still half asleep, so have a little mercy on me.) The flamingo pic is a post we did on Instagram a few weeks ago from the boutique.

Anyway, Louis Vuitton just released this dinosaur sketch of what their windows will look like for fall. Woot! I’m so excited because we have more Jurassic-inspired items on order for Roadkill Ranch and, our featured artist for October (Matt Brady) makes handmade jewelry from the bones of (real) tiny animals. It’s creepy-cool! But we love it!

Join us on Instagram under Roadkill_ranch or Facebook under Roadkill Ranch for more pics and up-to-the-minute style and event info.

Have a great week and keep those bones strong!

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Play Me


Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic of the week. The piano dress. Perfect for performing those sultry, jazz songs that usually end with a sexy woman spread on top of a black, Baby Grand piano desperately trying to seduce the audience with her lyrics. Now you can add variety to  the show (The Gong Show) with this dress. Instead of laying on the piano, have the pianist lay on you while you’re singing. It will be a good change up and a definite crowd pleaser (if it was still 1976 and you were dating Chuck Barris).


The Gong Show was one of the best forms of entertainment on TV when I was growing up. Even Oingo Boingo appeared. I’ve attached a Gong Show snippet for your viewing pleasure from the ’70s with Oingo Boingo. It’s hilarious!


Photo courtesy of:

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Hello Lover

Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Sex-and-the-city-Vogue-12jun13-Rex_b Sex-and-The-City-Star-Turned-SJP-Shoe-Collection-Designer


Sarah Jessica Parker is in the midst of designing and launching her own shoe line called SJP. The former “Sex and the City” star played the character Carrie Bradshaw who was a writer and a fashion whore. She coined the phrase “Hello Lover” every time she saw an amazing fashion piece, mostly referring to stilettos and pumps.  Her character persona once bragged in an episode that she owned over $40,00 in shoes alone.

It’s no surprise that Sarah Jessica Parker would eventually pair her love for fashion and her creative mind to form a shoe collection. She has teamed up with Manolo Blahnik CEO George Malkemus to create shoes, small handbags and a few trench coats. The collection, “SJP” will be sold exclusively at Nordstrom in early 2014.

Talk about a fantasy life becoming a reality. I guess “happily-ever- afters” really do exist.


Photo credit: Nordstrom and Getty Images

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Ring Leader

knuckle2269267_444171642318363_926757187_nfashion-trend-knuckle-ringsil_570xN.389055130_730d il_570xN.410265344_lwi8

When in doubt, wear some rings! The latest accessory craze (aside from the turban and decorative phone cases), is an above the knuckle band. Pair it with your ostentatious cocktail rings for a dramatic look or wear alone for a dainty and sweet vibe.

It’s a fresh look and a quick way to update your outfit. Just make sure to have a nice manicure if you’re going to sport the trend. (You don’t want to draw attention to your half-peeled nails.)

With that being said, ring me up!!!

PS Check the boutique next week for more shiny objects.

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