Consumer Confessions

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Hi my name is Julie and I’m a sucker for packaging! My husband had banned me from going to Costco a few years back, because I would always come home with a car full of what he called, “unnecessary items”. “But it was on sale!”, was always a good justifier, until he proved to me that he could go in and buy exactly what he came for: meat, paper products and dog food without ever being persuaded by packaging or sale signs.

So, the other day, I asked him to go to Costco with me and he said no. (Bwahahaha!!!) I couldn’t help it! Everything was jumping out at me, from T-shirts, to cereal, to these awesome Perrier bottles with Andy Warhol’s art work on them. I was good and passed on the T-shirts and cereal. But c’mon? Andy Warhol Perrier?! How often does an opportunity like this come around in a lifetime? Yes, I brought home a few cases of the lovely Warhol emblazoned bottles and gladly displayed them in the fridge.

Afterwards, I needed to go to Michael’s for some glue, and guess what happened? This Darth Vader jello mold jumped out at me. I did try to fight it by reminding myself that I already own a ton of cake tins and jello molds, but there was no getting passed the Vader head. My son would love it, and I would be motivated to make fun snacks. And hello? When would another opportunity like this arise?

I’ve come  to the conclusion that it’s my job (and yours) to spend! We have to support our economy by spending. So, I decided from now on, if I like it, and if there’s some thought and design behind the product, then I’m buying it, guilt free. Because I’m supporting the economy!

I went online to search other awesome packaging  ideas (and to get started on helping the economy) and I found this yarn packaging by Ogilvy & Mather Frankfurt. I love the humor behind it and yes, if it was readily available, I would buy yarn. Because I need yarn! (I don’t really need yarn, but how cute is this packaging?)

And lastly, I found this site ( full of great ideas that never made it to the shelves. My favorite thing on the site was the coffin packaged cigarettes. Brilliant! And yes, if I smoked, and these were available for purchase, I would buy them.

I’ve been trying to play around with different packaging ideas for Roadkill Ranch & Boutique. Hopefully, I’ll come up with something as cool and inspiring as these products. If not, I’ll just keep supporting the creatives! (And the economy!)

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