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Lia Mercado

We are proud supporters of Fullerton’s Art Walk, and this month marks our 61st art exhibit. Wow! Where does the time go? Art Walk takes place on the first Friday of every month and tonight we are pleased to present the amazing works of local artist Lia Mercado.

This morning we will begin to rearrange the store for the exhibit, take down permanent art, pull out the tea cart (for sips and sweets), and get ready for the artist and her needs. It’s a fun night. We keep the store open until 10pm, and our faithful in-house musician, Guy Nelson, is always outside strumming away for your musical pleasure.

Jon us tonight and be a part of Fullerton’s Art Walk.art walk lia Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.21.51 PMljmb1

About the artist:

Lia Jocelin Mercado is a creative professional working in the art industry for over 20 years. She has worked with multiple industries creating and facilitating art production. Throughout the years she has enjoyed learning, teaching art, art production and now looks to expand marketing and creativity through various media.
Currently, as a co owner of Invisible Industries she administers a business that markets and produces media through varied mediums and platforms. She also freelances art design and continues to paint and illustrate to share her fondness of the art form at leisure.
Lia Jocelin Mercado’s previous work experience has created a platform that allows her to focus on what matters most, a human connection. Art is made and can be available to all of us in infinite environments. It is a tool that allows to us grow and connect with others. She looks forward to sharing art in new settings and assisting in its introduction to people as a different way to communicate.

Meet her tonight in person. See you soon.

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Tooth Ache




Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic for the week, “Tooth Ache”! These shoes are embellished with actual human teeth by a husband and wife artist team known as Fantich & Young.

The couple is based out of England and use human remains to create wearable art. They also made a suit from human hair (throws up a little in mouth) but are gaining notoriety with their shoes they call “Apex Predator Shoes”.

Fantich &  Young describe their creations as, “Predators with no predators of their own, residing on the top of their food chain.”

I honestly have been seeing a lot of focus on dental-inspired items in the fashion world. As a matter of fact, I brought in some FAKE, gold tooth, rings and earrings to the store (Roadkill Ranch & Boutique) and they were a hit.

Our featured artist in February, Travis Hite, created the exhibit “Modern Indian Death Machine”, where a majority of the focus was on teeth. (That’s him in the above pic.)

And, recently, I was compelled to buy a vintage Ronald McDonald head at a flea market. Not because I like McDonalds, but because he had gold teeth (and a real-looking cigar). I happily brought him home and he sits proudly in my kitchen.

My son: “Mom! He’s smoking!”

Me: “I know! He’s bad for you! And so is his food! So let this be a reminder to all of you children (the neighbor kids were over too) that fast food is unhealthy!”

My son: “OK.”

Neighbor Kids: “Can we go swimming now?”

Keep your eyes peeled for teeth-inspired items and have fun with it. I’m just curious where Fantich & Young got all of their HUMAN supplies? They must know a guy who knows a guy who knows another guy.


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Awesome Artists

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Picture 2


As a boutique owner, I tend to wear many hats. From  buyer to book keeper to merchandiser, the work never ends. One of my favorite hats to wear is Art Walk host. It’s that one time a month where we join with the community to support local artists. We keep the store open late on a Friday night and have an “Art Party” with the coolest peeps around.

This month we have the amazing John Sollom. His character speaks for itself through the above photos. His show is all about “Classic Cool Skaters” and it’s going to be awesome.

Also showing her unique,  one-of-a-kind jewelry designs is the lovely Susan Hancock.

And, our faithful friend and house musician Mr. Guy Nelson will be playing live.

If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll join us for a fun night of Art within the community. Stop by and say hi before I have to switch my hat to “cleaning lady”.

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Fullerton’s Art Walk


I love my job!

I am so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by awesome and talented people. Since I’m on the committee for the 3rd annual Art Walk celebration in Fullerton, I’m excited to see the fruits of our labor come to fruition tomorrow. Representing my store (Roadkill Ranch & Boutique) is one of the most amazing artists I’ve ever met, Mr. Tom Vadakan. Aside from numerous works and exhibits,  he was recently commissioned to do an illustration character by the crew on the set of the upcoming Star Trek movie. It was a gift to their director J.J. Abrams.

Also representing Roadkill Ranch is the super talented Dano Forte. He is a one man band with a huge following. His act “The Juke Joint Freak Show” is so incredible that he recently opened for Social Distortion three nights in a row at The House of Blues in Anaheim.

If you live in the area, I hope you will stop by the Museum Center in Fullerton tomorrow night from 6pm to 10pm and check out all of the incredible artists and musicians that will be performing.

“Part of the art of living is learning to live with art.” – Unknown

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That’s Tight!

Picture 15il_570xN.340856650

I just came across these amazing tights by Indie artist Teja Jamilla. I’m obsessed with cool leg wear and Teja’s designs are far from boring! I love all of the whimsical styles and colors. And who wouldn’t want an Alice in Wonderland/ Steampunk inspired pair of tights?

Check out her Etsy store at http://www.etsy.com/shop/TejaJamilla for more great looks and support an Indie artist this season.

Happy Tuesday!


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We Heart It!

Roadkill Ranch & Boutique supports “All The Arts For All The Kids”. It’s a non-profit organization that focuses on making sure that each child in the Fullerton School District has an opportunity to be  schooled in the arts. Local artists donated their time to create art  hearts that will be auctioned off at the end of the month. Each participating venue was delivered a heart that will remain on exhibit until the auction. We weren’t sure what heart we were getting until this masterpiece by Wendy Lloyd Davies arrived.

Katherine England (the brainchild behind the program) handpicked each heart for each venue. The more we looked at it, the more we were amazed how it fit so perfectly with the store, and how it represented what the Roadkill Girls are going through at this time. We interpreted it like this: it’s flourishing, it’s blooming, the visions are strong and our roots go deep. The mix of vintage jewelry (our roots) and the eyes centered in them, indicate growing our visions.

We are a tight team and we all encourage each other to follow our dreams and grow our visions. We have some big goals for next year (our 20 years in business anniversary) and this heart is just a reminder that we are strong visionaries who are rooted and grounded and ready to flourish.

We’re not sure if that’s what the artist was thinking when she designed this, or if that’s what Katherine was thinking when she hand-picked it for us, but that’s how we see it and we love it!

Check out  All The Arts for more information.

Happy Monday!

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Spot On!

The Louis Vuitton flagship store in NY finally unveiled the Yayoi Kusma collaboration. Marc Jacobs and the eccentric artist Kusama have been planning this dot obsession for over a year. Not only have they been teaming up on products, but also on the visual intensity of the store to create major impact.

The store windows and outside of the building are saturated with polka-dots. Louis Vuitton CEO Yves Carcelle say, “The number of dots is so obsessive, no one can count them.”

Kusama- the 83 year old, cult-art star showed up in a wheel chair dressed in her signature look (you guessed it- dots), while guests flocked to get a glimpse of the icon herself.

Louis Vuitton pays homage to Yayoi Kusama with a life-sized, wax model of the artist that stands proudly in the window.

The products are expected to be overnight collector’s items, so with that being said, I’ll see you in line at the nearest LV boutique.

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Kenny Irwin Jr.

Hello Monday!!! I’m ready for you!!!

Incase you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, I decided to take a much needed vacation and spent part of it in Palm Springs. One of my BF’s just bought a home out there and was touring me around her neighborhood where artist Kenny Irwin Jr. also resides. His 4 acre property boasts of colorful, robotic, sculptures that have been created from lost and found pieces; it’s become an attraction to all who visit.

He also does a Christmas show every year for the public, but recently, someone stole over 1 million of his lights from his property. He has decided to go green this year and replace all of the lights with LED instead.

He started an online campaign through Kickstarter  to raise the money for new lights. And, those who back him will get an original piece of art from Kenny himself. Check out the link to help keep his show alive.

Light the Way.

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