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Grandpa Style!

When 72 year old Liu Qianping went to visit his granddaughter in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, he had no idea fame would find him. His granddaughter Lu Ting, an aspiring fashion designer, was distraught over the cancellation of her model (those flaky supermodels) on the day of the photo shoot for her online business “Yue Kou”. When grandpa showed up to show his support for the clothing line, he tried on a jacket and thought it was funny. One thing led to another and he stepped in as their model.

Now his pictures have gone viral and the on line store is booming. Liu Qianping, now referred to as “MaDiGaGa”, is a star. He has received several modeling offers, and made his first TV show appearance last week.

“I never dreamed of lucky things like these happening to me. Now, my name has spread to everywhere in the country,” he said.

As for now, he is not taking any other modeling jobs but will continue to be the face of his granddaughter’s business.

I love this story, this is something my grandpa would have done to support me.

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The Wizard of Aaaahhhs!

I’m so blessed to have the most creative and talented people in my life! I’ve just renamed my photographer friend Adam Petrasek, “The Wizard of Aaaahhhs”! We’ve been doing a lot of photo shoots for Roadkill Ranch and Boutique lately and I must say that every time Adam sends me a picture, I say “Aaahhh…this is AAHHHH SOME!!!”

We were inspired by Tarina Tarantino’s Wizard of Oz jewelry that we carry at the store, with the “Good Witch” and the “Bad Witch” pendants. We happened to have a crow and a bird from some old window displays, so we started to get creative. Everyone had their own spin on “Good Witch”, we went from sweet and innocent to trailer trash queen within minutes. Adam took the shots so he could put both looks in one picture and it turned out brilliant. Thanks to the beautiful Samantha Parks for modeling and thanks  to the “Wizard of Aaaahhhs” for granting us our photographic wishes!

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Movie Time

Fashion Video

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I love to make videos. As a matter of fact, I rarely leave home with out my camcorder. Anyway, a lot of the designers are making videos to represent their collections, and I have to say, that some… well… just aren’t all that. I love Alexander McQueen, don’t get me wrong, but this video doesn’t do the collection justice. It’s more like a promo for a cool, new XBOX game. And…well…I think I can make a better one. There I said it! I’m calling my collaborative friends who also make vids today! So stay tuned for a dose of Roadkill Ranch & Boutique’s fashion film in the near future.  And please leave your feedback about this video.

Alexander McQueen

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What a Prick!


Good Friday everyone! Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic for the week; the porcupine shoe. I actually think this would be really cute with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, a thick, leather-tooled belt and a feminine, lacy top. But, the 3 main reasons to wear these shoes are as follows:

1. To kick someone under the table at a dinner party to keep them from telling a story about you that you don’t like.

2. To make your way to the front of the sample sale bin at the Tory Burch warehouse sale.

3. To stomp your feet at the car dealership in order to get the mag rims at no extra charge.

Never underestimate the power of shoes!

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