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I’ve had the privilege of working with Jess Stalder (proprietor of FLY Photography) for a couple of years now and it’s been more than rewarding. Jess specializes in senior portraits (high school seniors) and her vision is to offer young women a lifestyle, fashion photo shoot using current trends to represent their personalty. That’s where I come in.

When you work with Jess, be prepared for every tiny detail to be exquisite! She always hosts a pre-party to introduce the idea to new clients and get the girls excited about modeling. When we met over coffee to brainstorm and plan this year’s gala, we decided to go with a gold theme. Jess wanted it to be a red-carpet-like event, so the girls felt like celebrities. And it was!

Each girl came dressed in her favorite LBD (little black dress for those of you who are new to fashion lingo). When they arrived, we applied gold, temporary tattoos and accessorized them with jewelry from Roadkill Ranch & Boutique. Barbara (one of our stylists) and I set up a fabulous table of bling. Gold pieces with big jewels, lots of rhinestones and plenty of glitter were on loan to the FLY Girl celebrities for the night. We gave all of the jewelry fancy names like, “Billion Dollar Baby” and “Diamond Doll” (to name a few), and had a check list of who wore what. We also rolled out a social media contest and had prizes and swag bags to boot.

The party was held at the loft studios of EMP Photography (the coolest place in town). Thanks Joel! And Jess didn’t miss a beat with her attention to detail. From the decorations, to the gold-embossed napkins, to the gold sugar-rimmed mock-tails, it was definitely the soiree of the year!

After they book their photo session, the girls get to come down to Roadkill Ranch & Boutique a few days prior to the shoot to pick out whatever they want to wear. We help stylize them with accessories and handbags (they bring their own shoes). On the day of the shoot, Jess brings in a professional hair and makeup crew to prepare the models for their lifestyle photos. (So much better than a typical, blue cloud backdrop.)

Jess captures the personalties of her clients well as she makes them feel comfortable in their own skin. FLY stands for freeing the lovely you. What a great way to send a young woman off into the world with confidence and self esteem for her next chapter in life. I love working with Jess, I love seeing the models empowered after a shoot, I love anything that has to do with making people feel good about themselves. Thank you Jess for freeing the lovely you; you are a true goddess.

For more information and to book a lifestyle photo shoot with Jess, visit her website at http://www.freethelovelyyou.com.

The first pic is the lovely Jessica Stalder.

The second pic is of the fabulous event napkins Jess had made.

The rest of the pics are of the models donning their Roadkill Ranch & Boutique clothing, accessories and handbags.

From top to bottom: Audrey, Britney, Celeste, Dominique, Emily, Macy, Paige, and Daisy.

PS The green dress was a popular choice.

Photo Credit: Jess Stalder at FLY Photography.

Hair and Makeup by Bree Yi and the Grand Salon in Brea.

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Geometric Prints


2013-2014-Fashion-Trends-For-Women-2Scan 131970000

They say geometric prints are the “new” thing. I say they copied my mom!

It’s funny how history and fashion repeats itself. But, what’s even more humorous is when designers call it “new”.

We’ve been seeing a lot of clean lines and graphic prints in the fashion world, and geometric patterns are making a come back. Notice how I said “come back.”

The first pic is a dress by Ann Betty. I’m loving the strong, bold pattern in a sweet sheath style.

The second pic is from a photo shoot on the Cult of Style blog. It’s so dramatic and really drives the geometric message home.

The third pic is from Marc Jacobs 2013-2014 runway show.

And the last pic is my mom and dad in our Anaheim house in 1971.

My mom took her style seriously and I can honestly look back and say, “Now I know why I am the way I am.”  I was constantly surrounded by design, I mean look at the velvet picture on the fireplace.

Instead of saying geometric prints are  a “new” look, I’m going to say it’s a 1971, Anaheim, California inspiration.

If only my mom would’ve kept all of her clothes, I would be able to predict the trends for ever. For now, I’ll just keep digging through all of our old family pictures. Maybe I’ll find another “new” thing.

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The “Big A”



Oakley, the brand most noted for their eyewear, has just opened a 1,000 sq. ft. signature store inside the Angel Stadium. Oakley provides sunglasses to all of the baseball players. And now, you can get a custom pair of shades too, and have them etched with the “A” logo while you wait. The store also carries, T-shirts, wallets, caps and pretty much anything with the “Big A” logo.

I have mixed feelings about this. I grew up in Anaheim and this old pic brings back instant, happy, childhood memories of baseball games and fun times. The landmark still towers the side of the 57 freeway today. My mom used it as a tool (back in the day) while driving to keep us kids quiet in the back seat of our El Camino station wagon. “OK kids, pipe down! Here comes the Big A!” It’s funny how we all silenced in awe of the structure. It was also a comforting sign to see after a long drive, because we knew we were close to home.

Anyway, now everything seems so commercial. I’m happy for Oakley, this seems like a good move financially, I just don’t want the Angel Stadium to start looking like an airport mall, or for Oakley to start pushing for a name change like the “Big O”. Stay true Angels!!

Oh, and since some professional bloggers suggest that inserting more personal info into your blog makes for a better read, I’ve decided to share this “Big A”artwork with you. It’s a piece I bought at the third anniversary Fullerton Art Walk in March, by artist “Elika”. I fell in love with it, and since it was Elika’s favorite too, we bonded. Now, he’s going to be exhibiting  his work at Roadkill Ranch & Boutique in the fall for our monthly Art Walk. Not only that, my son’s bedroom decor just got a bit cooler! Looks like a home run for all.

Go Angels!!!

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Shoe Addict

What makes for a perfect Saturday? For me, it’s  walking down Madison Ave. in New York with my “bestie” checking out window displays and shopping for shoes. And, that’s exactly what I did last Saturday (hence the lack of blogging all week). New York was amazing and the only bad thing about the trip was that it went by too fast! I was so inspired by all of  the boutiques and specialty shops; the amount of pride and visual integrity that went into the presentation of the store window displays was extraordinary.

My favorite, by far, was Barney’s. Since, they’re celebrating shoes all month, they took it to the extreme. They transformed their window into a live fish tank where Christian Louboutin pumps floated in mid air while hundreds of pink fish swam around them. “Swimming with the Louboutin” was the epic message.

The opposing window was a collage of pumps. It looked as though someone had dumped a truck load of shoes into a giant, glass box. The sign read: “Count The Shoes”. Of course, after you stood there for 45 minutes counting shoes, you were encouraged to submit your count inside the store for a chance to win a shopping spree. I didn’t have time to count the shoes, my ADD was kicking in and I found myself on the 5th floor of Barney’s lusting and crying over the most amazing shoes in the world.  It was sick!!!

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what happened next, because my husband sometimes reads my blog. Hint: YSL wedge.

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Freak Feet

Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic for the week. I can’t even begin to imagine where I’d wear these. Oh… that’s because I wouldn’t! And, if for some odd reason these did end up on my feet, please take the gun from the heel and shoot me!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Memory Lane


Yesterday my BF sent me this picture of a letter that she found from 1979. She had written it to her mother while away at camp. I hated it when she left for camp, it was only for a week but it seemed like a lifetime. And since none of the other neighborhood kids were interested in anything like fashion magazines or singing Broadway musicals, I was forced to entertain myself (that’s when I learned all of the words to “A Star is Born”, but that’s another story).  I remember promising her that I’d write her every day about what happened with Luke and Laura on General Hospital and keep her posted on who was on the cover of the next month’s Vogue. I love that she still has this letter and I love how she wanted the “addition” not the “edition”. Such great memories.

PS  This is the 1979, August issue featuring Kim Alexis.

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