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Double Trouble



Two bags are better than one. It’s true, Fendi, Chanel, Chloe, Mulberry and Louis Vuitton all say so!

The trend of toting two bags at the same time is coming in hard this season. Designers are featuring larger silhouettes like a tote or travel bag as a focal point and then accessorizing with a smaller pouch or clutch. Brilliant! Thanks Fashion Industry! Now all of us fashion addicts can purchase two designer bags at once without feeling guilty and be totally justified.

The first picture is Fendi, a functional and easy look to achieve. Add a tiny novelty bag to the outside of a larger one for a funky look.

The second picture is Chanel. Drape a few cross-body bags over your bodice while carrying your main purse. (It’s all the rage.)

The third picture is Chloe. Just carry two in the same hand (no big deal).

The fourth picture is Mulberry. Cross-body over bodice and tote in hand. (My fave.)

The fifth is Louis Vuitton. Just do it, carry two (everyone’s doing it).

This is one sure way to drive handbag sales up for the season. Pretty soon we’ll see designer shoes hanging off of designer bags. Then we can buy two pair of designer shoes, one to wear on our feet and the other to accessorize our two bags. Woot!

And, if anyone tells you that you have too many handbags or shoes, get rid of that person! You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life! The only extra baggage you need is CHANEL!

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Hula Hooper!

Are you a “Hula Hooper”? When I  was growing up in Anaheim, my BF and I used to have Hula Hoop contests to see who could keep the plastic ring going around our waists the longest. We loved the hoop, it was the best invention ever. We would toss it high up in the air and catch it like professional ringleaders. We would somersault through it, jump rope with it, and we eventually mastered the “cool kids” trick by spinning it strategically down the sidewalk so it would come back to us. Those were the days!

We thought of a lot of things to do with the hoop, but never thought to make it into a handbag. Shame on us! I’m glad Karl Lagerfeld decided to do it. (Of course anything with a Chanel label looks good.)

I love the concept and I love the look, but unfortunately, it’s just not functional for me (or anyone) now that I’m a grown up.

I’d do anything to have my Hula Hoop days back. It was a time where nothing else mattered but playing outside all day, running through the sprinklers and performing Hula Hoop tricks.

I’m glad some things never get old. And thank you Karl Lagerfeld for channeling the young at heart in all of us!

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