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Monster Mouth


Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic of the week. A yuck mouth shoe that’s candy-coated with pretty, silver spikes and sparkly jewels. Sounds like a few people I know; they portray a nice outwardly appearance, but possess a monster of a mouth.

Halloween is just around the corner, so get your spook on.


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Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic of the week, a keyboard jacket.

Perfect for escaping, controlling and deleting on the spot. Too bad it doesn’t work in real life. Wouldn’t it be great to hit the “escape” button and actually disappear for a while, or  “delete” to stop people who have diarrhea of the mouth?


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My Type


Mary Katranzou typewriter dress closeup

Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic for the week, a typewriter dress by London designer Mary Katrantzou.

I’ve been searching for something to wear to my next blogger convention that will stand out, and this is perfect! I’m sure I’ll get plenty of press attention and social media comments in this frock. It’s just my type.


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What The Shell?

photoFavim.com-8666 isla-mujeres-mex147conch-shell-house-isla-mujeres-mexico

Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic of the week, shell headdresses and hair styles. They’re  actually really beautiful in these photos, but it’s definitely not a look for everyone. I’m still trying to think of one person that would wear this “shell-iffic” chic trend.

I came across this amazing custom-built home in New Mexico which is truly a masterpiece. Then it dawned on me, the person who wears this hair style, probably lives in this house. And she probably sells sea shells by the sea shore. And her name is probably Shelly. And I probably better go now.

OK Bye.


For more info on how to rent this shell house for your next romantic getaway, check out: http://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p156977

Photos courtesy of:  Favim.com, Manny Fontanilla and Vacation Home Rentals.

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Trippy Drippy


Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic of the week, “Drip Shades”. Make a splashing fashion statement and block harmful UV rays at the same time. They’re light weight, they prevent squinting and they allow you to stare at whoever you want without them ever noticing.

Perfect for my upcoming Vegas trip. I’ll be able to people watch and check out all of the hot…..OH NEVERMIND!!!


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Smoky Eyes



Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic of the week, cigarette couture.

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Maybe he thought if he glued some half-smoked cigarettes to his glasses, people wouldn’t be afraid to bum a smoke from him?

Or, maybe he’s trying to start a new trend? The human ashtray trend.

I bet he stinks, there’s no “butts” about it!


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Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic of the week, a baby, lamb, head piece. Wait! Maybe it’s a dog?! At any rate, an animal-faced, forehead cap, with dyed-to-match hair color is so baaaaahhhh-baaaaahhhhd! (Almost as bad as that pun, assuming this is a sheep.)

Maybe she’s trying to show her gentler side, or maybe she’s trying to cover up a big zit? I think I’m going to pass on this trend for now, the last thing I need is a sheep on my head. Or maybe I do? Maybe people will think twice before dumping their self-loathing animosities toward life on me if I’m wearing “Mary’s Little Lamb”.


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Smell Ya Later!


Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic of the week. Pizza Hut perfume. Yep, it’s true, the chains in Canada have launched their own signature scent. Geeze! Finally!!! I’ve been waiting for a perfume to keep  me smelling like fresh garlic and pepperoni all day!

I really do love the packaging, it’s pretty clever.

T. G. I. F.

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Something’s Fishy!


One fish, two fish, gold fish, boob fish. Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic of the week, a fish bra. Brilliant! Now I know what I’m going to wear when I chaperone the kids to the Long Beach Aquarium this summer.

I also think it would be great if the OC Fair booth workers at the “Win a Fish” game wear these. That way when people complain, “What am I going to do with a gold fish?” The booth attendants can just point to their bras and say, “DUH!”

Only boring people get bored. Keep those creative juices flowing!


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Wood and Wood

ay100939190london-united-ki-e1357591521987 ay_100923018 ay_100943581-e1357588817413

Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion pic for the week. Wood-faced models at the Topman Design runway show in London. Hmmmm….OK, are they trying to say men board up their feelings? That’s my take.

The ironic thing about this show is that Ronnie Wood (the guitarist from my favorite band The Rolling Stones) was seen sitting in the front row with his new wife. Was he there for fashion inspiration? Or was he there because of the “wood” element and thought the show was about him? Since men clearly board up their feelings, I guess we’ll never know.

I still love you Ronnie and your style!  Oh, and when you see Mick, please tell him that I love him too and wild horses will never drag me away.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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