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In The Bag


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Novelty handbags have been around for years satisfying the personalities of seriously ridiculous souls. However, they’re not for everyone! Some think they aren’t sophisticated enough, or too silly (I feel sorry for those people). Anyway, back to the handbags. This season is full of fun little oddities guaranteed to produce a bit of lighthearted amusement for all (most).

The first picture is a skillfully crafted, leather handbag in the shape of a house. It’s complete with hand-stitched windows, a door (notice the stud door knob), a front porch and metal roof that opens from the top. This masterpiece sat on the shelf in one of my accessory vendor’s showroom for years. Every time I’d see it, I’d beg Jay to sell it to me. He’d always come back at me and say how it was a one-of-a-kind piece and how he’d never let it go. It was a really expensive sample that he was trying to source for production overseas, blah, blah, blah. Throughout the years, I never stopped asking and he never stopped rambling on with the same old spiel.

And then one day (after about 7 years), I walked into his showroom and he said, “Do you want to buy my house?”  I thought I had died and gone to handbag heaven! It was one of  the happiest days of my life! He was cleaning out his showroom and practically gave it me. (I love that guy!) I don’t take it out in public often because I don’t want anyone to follow me home and steal it, so I keep my dream home locked up.

The second and third pics are of novelty handbags we carry right now at Roadkill Ranch & Boutique. The Wizard of Oz novel-like bag opens as a book and comes with a removable chain strap, so it can be carried as a clutch. The lipstick bag opens from the top and is the perfect little accessory for any pop-diva.

The fourth pic is from Kate Spade. She’s one of my favorite designers, I love how she mixes just enough whimsy and sophistication into her designs for fun, fashionable fantasy.

The fifth pic is a spin off of Lucky Strike cigarettes by Charlotte Olympia (another one of my top favorite designers). She offers a similar mix to Kate Spade, but infuses more of an edge, still keeping it classy and never trashy. I love the spiderweb logo  stamped on all of the creations.

Pick up a piece of fun this season and embrace your inner ridiculousness. And, who cares what others think? Normal is boring.


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Crazy for Clutches

Picture 5elle-givenchy-obsedia-star-studded-minaudiere-xln-lgnPicture 6 Picture 7

I love handbags! This season there’s a lot of emphasis on clutches. They’re small but mighty. Perfect for date night or other special occasions.

This season a lot of designers are focusing on the clutch bag. Almost every major collection features some sort of clutch that translates into a little work of art that you can hold in your hand. I’ve picked a few of my favorite pieces to share with you.

The first pic is Charlotte Olympia’s perfume bottle clutch. OMG!!! When I look at this I cry. It’s so frickin’ adorable! I hope someone buys this for me and then takes me to a champagne brunch.

The second pic is Givenchy. It’s perfect for a night out on the town. I hope someone buys this for me and then takes me to see a Rock band.

The third pic is Christian Louboutin’s all-over spiked clutch. I hope someone buys this for me and then takes me on an adventure (or at least to an awesome restaurant).

The fourth pic is Kate Spade’s cinema clutch. Really? Can she get any cooler? I am torn between Kate and Charlotte this season. They both bring so much creativity to their designs. Anyway, I hope someone buys this for me and then takes me to the theater. (In New York.)

I hope if you’re reading this (person who is going to buy me stuff and take me places) you realize that happiness is at your fingertips, so get a grip.

Photos Courtesy of: Givenchy, Christian Louboutin, Kate Spade, Charlotte Olympia

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Put a Bow On It

katespade_005_1366.450x675 katespade_017_1366.450x675 katespade_018_1366.450x675


Kate Spade’s fall collection is colorful, wonderful and full of bows. For the past few years the phrase, “Put a bird on it!”, has made its way into everyday conversations about home décor and clothing designs. There’s even a popular youtube video (from the Portlandia show episode 2)  where Bryce Shivers and Lisa Eversman visit a stale boutique and give it new life by  adding birds to everything. It’s hilarious and has a over a million views. (Of course I’ve attached it for your viewing pleasure, it’s a must see.)

Although avian images will never die, Kate Spade’s new ad campaign has coined the phrase, “Put a bow on it!” Her designs are vibrant and cheerful with a tailored, ’80s vibe. Color blocking is huge and so are the bows she’s added to everything.

So for fall, be bright, be bold and be beautiful. And don’t forget to put a bow on it!

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Silly Sidetracks

Picture 8Picture 13Picture 11


This is what happens to me when I shop online. ADD!!! I decided to get some last minute shopping done for my boys, so I logged onto Urban Outfitters last night. I didn’t see much for the guys, but came across these items that I just couldn’t live without:

1.Waffle and syrup soap, because it looks yummy and it’s calorie free.

2. A prescription coffee cup for more coffee, because I’m addicted to coffee.

3. Skull hangers, because they’re awesome! (I ordered the fox, pug and cat too.)

I have a confession. There were more than these 3 items, but I didn’t want anyone to know how bad my OCD, ADD, OMG, LOL, AMX, UPS problem really is.

So what if I like to be surrounded by things that make me laugh?

The only problem is, I didn’t make any progress with gift giving. So now, I’ll probably be traipsing around the mall today. I just hope the Kate Spade store doesn’t jump out and distract me, then I’ll be SOL.




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My Wish List

My Wish List
OK, here it is, my official holiday “Wish List”.
1. The iPhone5.  My friends and family are making fun of me that I still have an iPhone 3 and are calling it an antique. And no, that’s not the reason I need an upgrade, it’s really slow and I can’t get my Roadkill Ranch Instagram posts quick enough (among other very important things).
2. The new iPad. Because my old iPad doesn’t even have a camera!  C’mon! (Plus it’s a good work tool.)
3. The Anna Sui for Coach leather bag. Because I’ve been searching for a new bag for years and this has my name all over it, plus it’s a limited edition.
4. The Marc Jacobs doll. How cute!!! Because if I can’t have Marc Jacobs, then I want his doll! (Don’t get me started.)
5. Tory Burch cuff bracelet.  Because at least I’m not asking for a complete Tory wardrobe, and Santa should be thankful.
6. Unicorn lovers pillow. Because there are such things as unicorns and happily ever afters!
7. Kate Spade iPad cover. Because I have to protect my new toy, I mean my “work” tool.
8. New PJs. Because they’re cute and comfy and I want to feel cute and comfy on Christmas morning when I’m opening all of Santa’s gifts.
9. Louis Vuitton wallet. Because I’ve had the same wallet for the past 10 years (see, it pays to invest in good leather) but now it’s starting to show. Louis Vuitton has a life-time warranty. And again, Santa should be glad that I’m not asking for the luggage.
10. Philosophy’s candy cane flavored lip gloss. Because Santa deserves sweet kisses.
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It’s Saturday Everyday!


Kate Spade has just confirmed that she will release a new line of goods called “Saturday”. It’s a more relaxed look with a lower price point. Yay! Now everyone can have that preppy-chic style at a fraction of the cost! Look for bold brights with a fun  twist; clothing, accessories, and home goods are all part of the grand scheme.

Kate Spade Saturday is planned to launch in Japan in February 2013 through e-commerce atwww.saturday.jp and a flagship store in Tokyo. The brand is expected to launch exclusively online at www.saturday.com in the United States in Spring 2013.

“Through ongoing research, we saw an opportunity in the market to engage a new customer base – one that aspires to be a part of the Kate Spade New York brand. Kate Spade Saturday is born from the core values of Kate Spade New York, but is realized in a new and exciting way for this younger customer,” says Craig Leavitt, CEO of Kate Spade New York.



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Booty Call

Yesterday Heidi (our store manager) and I decided to have lunch at Fashion Island. I promised myself that I wasn’t going to buy anything! (I’m trying to be “good” and save for my New York trip at the end of the month). It was the perfect day for drawing inspiration from designers as well as other merchants and their visual displays. Our favorite store was Kate Spade. The vibe was hip and boldly merchandised with colorful clothing, fun bags and good music. Then it happened, these uber-cool boots started calling my name. I had to have them, the chunky, gold heel, the zip-back with the spade charm, the sleek, sexy look were enticing me. I struggled with my trying to be “good” goal, but I was losing it (and we were only 10 minutes into our day). Heidi said that her trick is to take a picture and then think about it. I listened to her voice of reason, but I dreamt about them all night and how they would actually be perfect for me to take to NYC. So, it looks like I’ll be heading back to the Island soon. Oh, and don’t EVER go to Fashion Island with the intent of not buying anything. It’s like going wine tasting in Napa Valley and promising not to have a sip. What was I thinking?

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Designer Inspirations



It’s hard to believe that the Spring 2013 runway shows are already in full bloom and we haven’t even scratched the surface of fall 2012. It’s always interesting to see what motivates the creativity of designers and what their thought process is behind each collection. Fashion reporter, Taylor Harris, challenged some designers  to drop hints of the inspiration behind their work for 2013. Without giving too much proprietary information, they were to submit a picture and a few sentences of what we can look forward to in spring.

Picture 1: “All things bright, bold and playful.” ─ Kate Spade

Picture 2: “Decadent Splendor” ─ Jill Stuart

Picture 3: “When one door shuts, another door opens… the American dream!” ─ Alice+Olivia

Picture 4: “Anything pink, bubbly with a little sparkle” ─ Julie Rasmussen (OK- I had to put my 2 cents in and pretend that I’m a designer.)

Picture 5: “Believe in yourself and your dreams.” ─ Julie Rasmussen (OK- you caught me again!) This picture was sent to me by my dear friend and creative colleague Heidi to encourage me. And if I was a designer, I would do an entire collection around this!”

Spring should be fun next season.  And remember to be yourself and you will always be beautiful!

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Yacht Club

Yacht Club
The other night I couldn’t fall asleep, I just couldn’t cast my cares away, so I began to imagine that I was on my private yacht sipping champagne. Oh, and it was a  “business” meeting (because I need more write-offs) with my favorite industry colleagues. We were brainstorming about fashion and boutique ideas. Yes, I know that I let my imagination run away with me, but we have so much fun together. Anyway, I created this outfit for the excursion. I hope you like it. Bon Voyage!
PS – Never stop dreaming!
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