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Orange Crush


Saturday I spent 2  hours purging my 7 year old son’s closet and drawers. He is growing so fast and everything from undies to jammies to shoes to clothes were too small. Yesterday I decided to take him shopping with me so he could try on. I never in a million years would have picked these bright, neon- orange Vans for him, but when he saw them  at Nordstrom, the begging and pleading began.  I noticed my  12 year old niece who was with us became  sad. I thought maybe she was bored or perhaps her iPhone died and she couldn’t instagram, but no! She was sad because she too wanted the orange shoes and they didn’t have her size.

My son insisted on wearing them out of the store and Nordstrom was working on transferring in a pair from another store for my niece. Leave it to the kids to trend spot. Apparently, a slice of orange is a “must have” for young wardrobes.

I hope everyone has a great week. Remember to stay stylish!

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Shoe Addict

What makes for a perfect Saturday? For me, it’s  walking down Madison Ave. in New York with my “bestie” checking out window displays and shopping for shoes. And, that’s exactly what I did last Saturday (hence the lack of blogging all week). New York was amazing and the only bad thing about the trip was that it went by too fast! I was so inspired by all of  the boutiques and specialty shops; the amount of pride and visual integrity that went into the presentation of the store window displays was extraordinary.

My favorite, by far, was Barney’s. Since, they’re celebrating shoes all month, they took it to the extreme. They transformed their window into a live fish tank where Christian Louboutin pumps floated in mid air while hundreds of pink fish swam around them. “Swimming with the Louboutin” was the epic message.

The opposing window was a collage of pumps. It looked as though someone had dumped a truck load of shoes into a giant, glass box. The sign read: “Count The Shoes”. Of course, after you stood there for 45 minutes counting shoes, you were encouraged to submit your count inside the store for a chance to win a shopping spree. I didn’t have time to count the shoes, my ADD was kicking in and I found myself on the 5th floor of Barney’s lusting and crying over the most amazing shoes in the world.  It was sick!!!

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what happened next, because my husband sometimes reads my blog. Hint: YSL wedge.

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Collar ID


One of the biggest looks for fall and for next spring is jeweled and decorative collars. Whether it’s on shirts, coats or dresses, the collar trend is turning heads. It’s a fresh update and an easy DIY to any plain-collared item. I just recently bought a black tank top for Roadkill Ranch & Boutique with spikes around the collar and it was a big hit! So stick your neck out and try something new. And, when making purchases this week, look for the bling around the collar!

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Creatures of Fashion

It’s so exciting to see what the designers are preparing for the Resort collections of 2013. Many  are drawing their inspiration from the animal kingdom. From creepy crawlers to pink flamingos, next spring is sure to be a wild array of designs.

I’m in love with the flamingo bathing suit by Lisa Blue Swim, but I wouldn’t be happy wearing the tarantula cuff by Tom Binns (unless I had a good supply of Xanax). I hate spiders, and to constantly have one traveling on my wrist (even if it’s in the name of fashion), would give me great anxiety. Other than that, the eagle suit by We Are Handsome is pure genius and of course,  Stella McCartney’s lion T-shirt is a must!

I hope everyone has a great week!

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Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic for the week. Tin can hats! Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that?

Now I know what to do with all of my empty soda cans. I’ll invest in some Saran Wrap and start my own hat line (I’ll add glitter to my hats so they’re different). It’s a low start-up fee and I’m sure I can get my neighbors to save their old cans for me too. I’ll call the collection “Head Trip”.  Perfect!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. And please recycle!

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Lady Gaga (aka Mother Monster) has just confirmed the birth of her new fragrance Fame.

She was tweeting a few days ago about how pictures of the product had been leaked to the press. Instead of becoming a monster about it, she blew it off and then tweeted her own picture of the bottle and it’s descriptive ingredients.

Gaga then said that the Fame fragrance has notes of: “tears of belladonna, crushed heart of tiger orchidea with a black veil of incense, pulverized apricot and the combinative essences of saffron and honey drops.”

The bottle is a deep purple-ish black with a gold, spiked top. And the liquid itself is black.

Oh Mother Monster, if only all of your little monsters would grow up to be as creative as you, we could accomplish world peace through performance art!

PS Just incase you’re reading this Lady, I’m intrigued with your theatrics. Please stop by Roadkill Ranch & Boutique the next time you’re in town, I have something for you:)

Your Fellow Thespian,

Julie Rasmussen

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Kenny Irwin Jr.

Hello Monday!!! I’m ready for you!!!

Incase you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, I decided to take a much needed vacation and spent part of it in Palm Springs. One of my BF’s just bought a home out there and was touring me around her neighborhood where artist Kenny Irwin Jr. also resides. His 4 acre property boasts of colorful, robotic, sculptures that have been created from lost and found pieces; it’s become an attraction to all who visit.

He also does a Christmas show every year for the public, but recently, someone stole over 1 million of his lights from his property. He has decided to go green this year and replace all of the lights with LED instead.

He started an online campaign through Kickstarter  to raise the money for new lights. And, those who back him will get an original piece of art from Kenny himself. Check out the link to help keep his show alive.

Light the Way.

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Freak Feet

Here’s my “Freaky Friday Fashion” pic for the week. I can’t even begin to imagine where I’d wear these. Oh… that’s because I wouldn’t! And, if for some odd reason these did end up on my feet, please take the gun from the heel and shoot me!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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