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Diana Designs

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“Do you know where you’re going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you? Do you know?” Oh sorry, I was singing the Theme from Mahogany. How could I not after seeing this new collection of Diana Ross inspired designs?

Fashion designer Peter Jensen has revealed his Spring 2014 collection and it is heavily influenced by the “Disco Diva” herself, Diana Ross. Jensen’s muse has him creating clothing with Diana’s face and lips plastered on the pieces.

Look for giant face silhouettes of the star emblazoned on sweatshirts and skirts and all-over lip prints on wrap dresses and sheaths.

I love Diana Ross and this collection pays beautiful  homage to the legendary diva. So, “Do you know where you’re going to?” I know I’m going shopping when this hits the stores.


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Book Marc


Last week Heidi (the store manager of Roadkill Ranch & Boutique) and I were invited to an Emmy celebrity party on Melrose, hosted by Doris Bergman and Associates. It was a lovely day full of TV stars and industry people. We had the opportunity to promote Roadkill Ranch & Boutique and network with some amazing souls. (I will post pics this week.)

Since it was a daytime event, we were out early and decided to explore the area. Of course you all know I break for Marc Jacobs, so when we saw his book store… SCREECH!

Up until that point, the highlight of my day was meeting Robert Wagner, but when I caught this giant eyeball blinking in the window of Book Marc (How cute is that name?), thoughts flooded my brain about the genius that powers Marc Jacobs. There was no place to park (What else is new?), but I noticed a loading zone. Heidi (AKA Ethel) pretended to load our mannequins in the car while I ran into the store in hopes to see Marc Jacobs and express my undying love. (My fantasy life is awesome!)

Unfortunately, he wasn’t there. And of course, no pictures allowed. But, after 10 minutes of questioning the girl behind the counter of his whereabouts, she finally caved and let me take a pic of the eyeball. I’m pretty sure she just wanted to get rid of me. After I told her I wanted to get stuck in an elevator with Marc for hours just to pick his brain, she gave me a “you are crazy” look. Oh, who cares what she thinks? Plus, now I can share the cool window display with you all.

Happy Monday! Stay true to yourself!

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Glam Glom


ry=400 photo


You’ve heard me talk about my friend April who I grew up with. She started the Pop Tinsel hair craze and made instant friends with celebrities and stylists alike. One of her biggest patrons is Adrienne Maloof from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Adrienne invited April up to her mansion for a fundraiser (and I got to tag along, thanks April!) and to promote Pop Tinsel. Adrienne ordered the tinsel on a weekly basis and promoted April’s glam product. She loved it! Why am I talking about this? Well, April also owns a successful salon in Las Vegas called Glam. And, she recently landed her own radio show called Atomic April’s Radio Glam, where she talks about all things glamorous, including: make up techniques, hair products, skin care, and fragrances.

The first picture is April’s Glam logo and the pics below the logo are of Adrienne sporting Pop Tinsel. And yes, that is April actually applying tinsel to Adrienne at her home in Beverly Hills.

The 4th pic is a sign of April’s Glam products at Niecy Nash’s bridal shower. Yes, April was at Niecy’s bridal shower offering glam products to her guests. (I got to be a part of that too, but that’s another story.) Niecy had products and services for her guests to enjoy like make-up artists, massage therapists and of course April and her Glam Studio products. It was another high-profile event where Glam products made it into the tabloids.

What is this leading to you ask? Well, the bottom pic is of Kim Kardashian’s new perfume called GLAM. I’m not saying she copied April, but April has spent the last 5 years promoting her Glam Salon, and her Pop Tinsel hair accessories to high profile clients. And….ummm… Kim’s logo looks almost identical to April’s logo. Did Kim steal April’s idea?  You decide for yourself.

Leave a comment and let us know if you think Kim Kardashian glommed onto April’s Glam, or if you think this is purely coincidental.

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Shadow Shows


I love good old fashioned fun! When I saw these shadow cards being offered from our vendor Spitfire Girl, I immediately bought them for the store. It’s so fun to make animal and monster shadows on your wall, it reminds me of when I was growing up. I had a great childhood and I was lucky to be blessed with a best friend who lived right next door. Despite the fact that both of our parents were divorced and it was tough times for everyone, April and I stuck together and helped each other get through life.

We created our own happiness. We had big dreams and big ideas and nothing would stop us! We were planning on moving to New York, because if we could make it there, we could make it anywhere! We took dance class with Steven Peck at The Fox Theater in Fullerton, (It’s ironic how my boutique is just down the street from the Fox today.) and dreamt of starring on Broadway. It kept us creative.

I remember when April would spend the night, we would stay up all night giggling. My mom would yell from her bedroom, “Get to sleep girls!” But we couldn’t help but crank call people (back then there was no caller ID), make up funny stories, and create shadow shows on the walls.

April recently sent me this video of the Pilobolus Dance Theater called “Shadow Land”. It’s a musical theater production about  a young girl who moves to New York to find her dreams and it’s all done with shadows. I got chills when I saw this, it’s absolutely amazing. And it just goes to show you that good old fashioned fun is inspiring and can foster the imaginations of everyone.

I hope you love this video as much as I do. And keep your dreams alive!!!

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Gold Rush



“On my own, pretending he’s beside me, all alone, I walk with him til morning. And I know it’s only in my mind, that I’m talking to myself and not to him…” Oh sorry, I was singing a song from Les Misérables. Why? Because I’m so excited that the movie has been nominated  for a Golden Globe. Woo Hoo!

As Hollywood scurries about trying to find the perfect frocks and fancies for Sunday night’s award ceremonies, I’ve chosen a few of my own.

The first gold and black gown is by Jason Wu. It’s dramatic, sexy and strong.

The second  is by Badgley Mischka. It’s divine, yet slightly serious with an amazing sex appeal.

The third is by Jenny Packham. A timeless, old Hollywood glamour look with a sultry allure.

I can’t wait to see the star-studded event on Sunday, full of stylish gowns and well-manicured pretty people. And, if anyone wants to get together and watch the awards (and belt out Les Misérable songs), let me know. Otherwise, I’ll be,”On my own pretending..” Oh here I go again.

Have a great day!





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Movie Time

Fashion Video

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I love to make videos. As a matter of fact, I rarely leave home with out my camcorder. Anyway, a lot of the designers are making videos to represent their collections, and I have to say, that some… well… just aren’t all that. I love Alexander McQueen, don’t get me wrong, but this video doesn’t do the collection justice. It’s more like a promo for a cool, new XBOX game. And…well…I think I can make a better one. There I said it! I’m calling my collaborative friends who also make vids today! So stay tuned for a dose of Roadkill Ranch & Boutique’s fashion film in the near future.  And please leave your feedback about this video.

Alexander McQueen

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Lady Gaga (aka Mother Monster) has just confirmed the birth of her new fragrance Fame.

She was tweeting a few days ago about how pictures of the product had been leaked to the press. Instead of becoming a monster about it, she blew it off and then tweeted her own picture of the bottle and it’s descriptive ingredients.

Gaga then said that the Fame fragrance has notes of: “tears of belladonna, crushed heart of tiger orchidea with a black veil of incense, pulverized apricot and the combinative essences of saffron and honey drops.”

The bottle is a deep purple-ish black with a gold, spiked top. And the liquid itself is black.

Oh Mother Monster, if only all of your little monsters would grow up to be as creative as you, we could accomplish world peace through performance art!

PS Just incase you’re reading this Lady, I’m intrigued with your theatrics. Please stop by Roadkill Ranch & Boutique the next time you’re in town, I have something for you:)

Your Fellow Thespian,

Julie Rasmussen

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Miley’s ring


When Liam Hemsworth decided to propose to Hollywood starlet Miley Cyrus, he looked to celebrity jeweler Neil Lane to create a one-of-a-kind ring.

The ring is a 3.5-carat cushion-cut diamond ring, handcrafted in 18-karat gold with intricately carved diamond floral motifs in an art nouveau pattern. The center stone is a hand-cut antique that dates back to the late 1800’s.

And according to Neil, the cut of the diamond sparkles at any angle. Wow! Congratulations Miley, the Roadkill Girls love you!!!

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Core Values


Muhammad Ali has been named the new face of Louis Vuitton’s “Core Values” campaign.

The campaign focuses on accomplished individuals and great humanitarians who have made positive differences in the lives of others. Core Values embraces timeless classics in real situations with real people.

The 70-year old, legendary boxer was photographed by legendary photographer Annie Leibowitz. Ali stares with amazement at his grandson who is wearing over-sized boxing gloves, while a large Louis Vuitton duffle bag rests humbly by his side. A tag line reads: “Some stars show you the way. Muhammad Ali and a rising star. Phoenix, Arizona.”

“Muhammad Ali is the epitome of an outstanding personality – a true living legend in boxing and far beyond,” Yves Carcelle, Chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton, said in a statement.

‘We are honoured that he agreed to be photographed for the Core Values campaign, and delighted with the way this beautiful portrait of the champion and his grandson captures the idea of transmission, which is of great significance to Louis Vuitton.”

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