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I know what you’re thinking; it’s not “Freaky Friday Fashion” day yet, so why is she posting a transvestite in a Jaws bustier? That picture was taken last year at The Blondes runway show and since then, we’ve seen a resurrection of ¬†“Jaws” merchandise in the fashion world. ¬†From shark tooth jewelry to bloody mouths, it’s all about the 1975 summer horror flick that kept a lot of people from enjoying the beach that year.

Look for the original Jaws poster and shark mouths on T-shirts, tanks and totes, and twisted humor like this “Little Mermaid” swimsuit. The bottom picture is what we have now at Roadkill Ranch & Boutique, so get your cult-like vibe on this summer and dare to sport the mindless, eating machine. According to Steven Spielberg, “It’s like God created the devil and gave him JAWS!!”

I’ve attached the 1975 trailer from Jaws for your viewing pleasure. Watch at your own risk, it’s rather biting!


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Use Protection


When I was growing up, it was cool to get as burned and tanned as possible. My friends and I would slather baby oil on our skin and lay on tin foil so we could attract the sun’s harmful rays quicker. WTF? Where were our mothers? Oh, I remember now, they were “laying out” too, but they used Bain De Soleil for the “San Tropez tan”. We weren’t allowed to use that because it was expensive (but we sneaked it anyway). And back then, it wasn’t common to talk about skin cancer and the damaging effects the sun had on your skin, we just wanted to see whose tan line was darker. But today, just 20 minutes in the sun without protection will get me a few new freckles and lines. I carry a tube of sun block in my handbag at all times and now that we’re heading into the summer months, my favorite cover-up is a big floppy hat. They never go out of style, they protect your face from the blistering heat and they are fashionable. Hats off to you for protecting the only skin you’ll ever have!

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The Art of Window Dressing

Here’s my Vlog for the week. It’s all about my obsession with visual merchandising at Roadkill Ranch & Boutique. I hope you enjoy it and are inspired to create.

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Tied Up

Scarves are an instant wardrobe update. They’re easy and fun to wear, so I decided to Vlog about them this week. Tie the knot? Don’t tie the knot? The choice is yours, and since scarves are relatively inexpensive, don’t feel like you have to be married to one look. Mix it up and play around!

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Back Stroke


Swimwear designers are drawing inspiration from styles back in the ’50s and ’60s. I love this picture of Marilyn Monroe, her bathing suit is so prevalent to what is going on in the fashion world today. Most of the major designers have retro-inspired swimwear in their collections, but my favorite for the season is this Prada suit. The use of fun color combinations and lacy textures are making waves. So dive in! Get your vintage-inspired bathing suit now. (Roadkill Ranch & Boutique rocks the boat with some great, affordable styles by Steady Clothing.) Look hot and stay cool! And, don’t forget your sun block, burned skin never looks good on anyone!

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