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Strong Ties





Trend alert!!! Gigantic,’70s inspired ties for women (and men) loom on the horizon.

I’ve recently spotted a few fearless ties in some of our accessory vendor’s collections, but when Gucci plastered the look on their runway show for spring 2016, well… need I say more?

Look for bright-colored ties with fun prints and huge icons. Pair with jeans and a collared T-shirt for a casual look, or suit up all the way for spunky, fierce style.

When we first opened Roadkill, the store was primarily vintage. I spent a good deal of my time searching through old clothes and accessories for the perfectly-curated mix. I’ve always had a penchant for ties, and would collect them on my buy trips. We sold a few at the store, but the unique ones I kept for myself, and ended up with a pretty eclectic assortment. Then one day, I was inspired (deceived) by a de-clutter article and went crazy. Yep, you guessed it, out went the ties (and some really cool shoes and handbags too). I’ve been sad for years over this temporary act of insanity. (Trust me, my therapist needs therapy after dealing with me.)

You know the old saying, “If you love something set it free, if it comes back it’s yours, if it doesn’t it never was.”? Or is it, “If you love someone…”?  Whatever.  When it comes to awesome ties (or other rare finds), DO NOT SET THEM FREE IF YOU LOVE THEM!!! My little beauties have probably been repurposed into makeup bags or fanny packs by now. (I’m crying paisley tears!!!)  Hopefully, a special one will find it’s way back to me so I can represent the trend without forfeiting my rent for a designer version.

Dare to be big and bold for spring, keep your ties strong, and never let them go.

Stay Stylish,


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Think Big!

earrings-3 earrings-4jacket_with_motif_of_the_jungle_big_earrings_t_shirt_topshop_2013_spring_summer,pn45nmeiewslvzrmjanet-jackson-style-evolution-earring-key-89-706kk

 Scan 132030002

Scan 132030000

If you survived the ’80s, then you know what BIG earrings were all about. For me, the bigger the earring the better the outfit. And when I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I just made my own. As a matter of fact, in 1986 (during my college years), my girlfriend Kerry and I started making our own earrings out of wood and custom painting them to match our outfits.

Pretty soon everyone wanted custom earrings and we started our first official business called Felicity Creations. To keep our customers interested, we began making earrings out of broken records and CDs, then we added glitter, puff paint and beads; it was a thrilling time.

Then one Tuesday at 3pm (just like the overalls), big earrings were done! People began moving into organic stones and studs and the simplicity trend took over. A lot of girls I knew had ripped their ear lobes by donning heavy earrings and were looking into plastic surgery to have them fixed. And just for the record (pun intended), our earrings weren’t heavy at all. Blame the heavy styles on Janet Jackson and her one metal-casted key. (Confession time, yep, I wore one key and thought I was hot and “In Control”.)

Up until recently, big earrings haven’t been seen in the spotlight, but as history repeats itself, it’s time to start thinking and wearing big. The first 3 pics are what’s happening now on runways.

The 4th pic is a major culprit of crazy, ’80s style.

The 5th pic is a pair of hand-painted Felicity earrings we made to match a client’s skirt.

The last pic is an ad that my boyfriend at the time Brent Lucy drew for us. He drew the logo and everything by hand. No computer graphics on this one; totally old school. We even took our business cards after they were printed and splattered paint all over them for an added touch. Splattering paint on everything was the norm back then. One time my friend April and I took hot pink paint and splattered her bedroom walls, her lamp shade, her dresser, and everything we could find in her room for an updated look. (Her mom wasn’t too happy, but that’s another story.) My dear grandmother believed in our venture though, she even took me to the Jackson Pollock exhibit while I was visiting her in Omaha, Nebraska so I could get more ideas. I miss her so!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any record earrings left. I had saved a box of them for years and then tossed them during my regretful purge brought on by a de-clutter article that took me by storm.

Advice: Never throw away anything cool!

And this time around, make sure your BIG earrings are light weight so you don’t find your holes splitting. Lastly, cherish the times with your elders.

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Googly Eyes


I spent all day yesterday working on my holiday deliveries for Roadkill Ranch & Boutique, and, at the end of the day, I realized I had dedicated a decent chunk of my open-to-buy to googly eyes.

I  think I may have gone a little crazy.  I ordered small, medium and giant eyes. I couldn’t  resist the mini emergency cans of  stick-on googly eyes, so I bought them and the glow in the dark version too. They’re so cute and humorous and are guaranteed to add a little fun to everything. I’m going to keep my supply with me at all times. It will go something like this when I grab my handbag: iPhone- check. Lip gloss- check. Wallet- check. Keys and googly eyes- check.

I’m pretty sure this googly eye trend will beat out the mustache and bacon trend. If not, at least the Roadkill Girls and I will be having lots of fun.

The top picture is from the Blonds runway show, it’s an all-over, googly-eyed masterpiece.

The rest of the pictures are of merchandise I ordered for the boutique.

I’m gaga over googly eyes. I can’t wait for the day UPS brings us the coveted box. Trash cans, trees, backs of chairs, and, perhaps our toilet lid, will all come to life with the giant eyes. I’m sure the fruit in the fruit bowl and smaller household items will also begin to come to life as soon as my son gets a hold of the small eyes.

Trend alert! Mark my words!

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