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Bacon Mania

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Here’s my  “Freaky Friday Fashion” pics for the week, bacon-inspired shoes and clothing. When will this bacon-craze end? Seriously, if I see one more, non-edible, bacon product, I think I’m going to puke. It’s so greasy looking and gross. Plus, I’m on a health kick right now and seeing the inside lining of a pigs stomach plastered on product everywhere, completely turns me off.

I know for some of you, I may be crossing the line by talking smack about the flavorsome sow tissue, but enough is enough! Make it stop! Where’s the trend stopper? Who keeps buying this stuff? (Oops, I better cancel my re-order of bacon-scented air freshener for the store.)

And these poor kids! All dressed up in their bacon suits for family picture day, I bet they have some serious issues when they get older. I can just hear them in therapy, “Our mom used to dress us up like bacon and then take pictures.”

And the shoes! Do your feet smell like bacon if you don’t wear socks with these?

And the dress! “He thinks I’m just a piece of meat!”  Perhaps it’s your poor wardrobe choices.

What will be next? Crotchless underwear? Scratch and Sniff wallpaper? (Hmm… hold on…I might be on to the next big thing.) OK, gotta go now. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Photos courtesy of : Linneacovington.com and thatslikewhoa.com

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Turban Time



It’s been a while sine we’ve seen the turban in a fashionable sense. In the 1960’s it was so glamorous and chic to wrap a dramatic turban-like scarf on your head. Hollywood glamorized it and the fashion industry embraced it.

I met with one of my accessory vendors yesterday and she was raving about the turban trend. She even had pre-made polyester turbans (like the one Kourtney Kardashian is wearing above) for sale.

We’ve seen a glimpse of runway shows for the past year with turbans, but now they are finally hitting the stores and the streets. I bought a ton of scarves and head wraps for the boutique, but passed on the pre-made turbans for now (only because our customers are super-duper creative and would rather twist, tie and make their own version of the head piece). I may bring the pre-made items in as it gets closer to fall; velvet and wool turbans are predicted for the future (but honestly look more like a little cloches and caps).

Look for lots of head wraps, giant bows, big scarves with added brooches, flowers and appliqués. It’s going to be a fun and fashionable summer, so give new life to your tired scarves and glam it up a bit. Plus, it’s the perfect solution for a bad hair day!

That’s a wrap!

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Mustache Rides

3 4 5


Can you believe the mustache craze? It’s funny how trends start and how certain images and icons find their way into our homes and wardrobes. I wasn’t sure how long the trend would last, so I brought a few mustache items into the boutique a while back to test the market. Since then, we’ve re-ordered on a weekly basis mustache emblazoned merchandise.

These are just a few pictures from Roadkill Ranch & Boutique. We have necklaces, T-shirts and coming soon is a mustache printed dress by Steady Clothing. We are riding the trend!

My friend Charlie starred in a documentary about mustaches called “Between the Upper Lip and Nasal Passageway” a few years back. I’ve attached it for your viewing pleasure, because it’s really awesome! The film won “Best Document Short” at the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival in 2010 and at the Festivus Film Festival 2010. I hope you like it.

It looks like mustaches aren’t going anywhere soon, so we will just keep riding the ride until it’s over.


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Living Color

Color is here to stay! Denim washes and dyes have been popular for a while, and this fall is no different. I just met with one of my key denim vendors and the prediction for color is all the way through next spring. So don’t be afraid to purchase a fun, colorful jean. I ordered mustard and purple velour city shorts and cranberry and green jeans for Roadkill Ranch &  Boutique.  I can’t wait until UPS shows up with the box!

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To Dye For

When you think of tie-dye, does your mind  immediately go to Woodstock? Hippies? Patchouli and incense? Well, history proves that tie-dye was around before the “free-love” movement was even conceived. This picture above was taken in the 1920’s and designers everywhere this season are tapping into the tie-dye trend but adding a classic twist.

Look for tie-dyed dresses paired with modern belts and jewelry and, tie-dyed blouses with blazers and cuffed city-shorts.

You don’t have to be a hippy to wear the look. Peace!

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Turquoise Toes


Heidi (AKA Retro Redhead)  is our “Type A” store manager at Roadkill Ranch & Boutique. Everything has to be perfect and orderly (LOVE HER), so you can imagine she’s a bit obsessive when she sets her mind to something. Last summer  her signature nail polish color for the season was yellow and this year she was in search of the perfect turquoise. She was on a mission! She wanted a bluey, minty, oceany freshness for her toes. So, first a bottle of “Model Behavior” from Sally Hansen came home with her.

“I hoped she would behave and be the summer color that I wished for”, said Heidi. “I tested her on my nails since I wasn’t getting my pedi for another day or so. Off to work I went wearing my favorite, leopard, bow ring to put the color test. Hmmm…it’s blue, but more electric than ocean. Not bad, but not the perfect summer signature color.”

Another day, another search, and then home with another bottle of polish. Could “I Need A Refresh-Mint” from China Glaze be the one? There was no time to test this on her hands, so out the door to her pedicure appointment she went.

“I closed my eyes while Nancy the nail lady painted away.” Tells Heidi. “And guess what? It’s the most perfect turquoise! My toes are smiling and so am I.”

I’m so glad that “Retro Redhead” found her color for the season before she started testing paint on other things (like the dressing room walls at Roadkill). So if you want happy feet, do what Heidi did and paint your  toes turquoise!

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Politically Incorrect


Here’s my “Freaky Friday Frock” pick of the week. She’s clearly paying homage to our nation’s capital.

I hope everyone has a fun weekend.

Stay Stylish!

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Condom Nation


I know what you all are thinking, “Who knew condoms came in purple?” That was my first thought too when I saw this Latex-Couture masterpiece. My second thought was, “This would make a great prom dress.” And my third thought was, “I need to go back to sleep.”

It’s not even “hump day” (pun intended) and I’m already wishing it was the weekend. I hope everyone has a great day, and please practice safe fashion.

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Pool Party


OK… Really?! Did Kate Spade recently swallow some “Frickin’ Cool” pills? Because all of her designs lately are, well…frickin’ cool! Or, maybe it’s just her innate genius that’s swimming into all of her products? At any rate, I must have this clutch now! Look at the wavy, pool design on leather with the ladder clasp. It’s pretty much the cutest thing I’ve seen all season! I envision this with my white, linen trousers paired with my black and white striped, tank top and a big, chunky, yellow, beaded necklace. Make it stop!!! I’m so excited about this splash of style, it makes me want to jump off a diving board at the next pool party screaming, “CANNONBALL!!!”  (I just hope there’s a cute life guard on duty to rescue me from drowning in fashion oblivion.)

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Memory Lane


Yesterday my BF sent me this picture of a letter that she found from 1979. She had written it to her mother while away at camp. I hated it when she left for camp, it was only for a week but it seemed like a lifetime. And since none of the other neighborhood kids were interested in anything like fashion magazines or singing Broadway musicals, I was forced to entertain myself (that’s when I learned all of the words to “A Star is Born”, but that’s another story).  I remember promising her that I’d write her every day about what happened with Luke and Laura on General Hospital and keep her posted on who was on the cover of the next month’s Vogue. I love that she still has this letter and I love how she wanted the “addition” not the “edition”. Such great memories.

PS  This is the 1979, August issue featuring Kim Alexis.

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