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Dapper Day







Do you like dressing up? Do you like Disneyland? If you said yes to both of these questions, then  consider heading over to the “Magic Kingdom” this weekend for Dapper Day.

Dapper Day is a celebration of stepping out in style. This bi-annual event at Disneyland invites all who dare to be fashionable with a high emphasis on vintage styling. Although retro outfits are not required, all styles and designs are welcomed as long as you have the mentality of wearing your “Sunday Best”.

Roadkill Ranch has become a precursor to the events, and Rockabilly and Pinup aficionados frequent the shop during this time. It’s so great to see  well dressed ladies and gentleman stopping by for a quick style fix.

A vendor called me the other day to tell me about a best T-shirt seller that reads: “Proud Supporter of Sweatpants and Messy Hair.”   I had to politely decline. I just don’t think Roadkill customers would appreciate it. (That’s for another store and another park.) They might have better luck selling me something that says, “Always dress to kill.”

The first two pictures are outfits from Roadkill Ranch, modeled by Marlena Khamrov.

The last three are from last year’s Dapper Day.

Stay Stylish!


Photo Credit: Adam Petrasek, Wing Shum, OC Register, LA Times, DapperDay.com






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for Roadkill Ranch 1photo

In case you’ve been wondering why I haven’t blogged in a while, I’ve been frozen. I won’t bore you with my personal life, but yesterday for the first time in a very long time, I began to see myself again. Do you ever feel like you don’t know who you are anymore? I think it happens to the best of us at some point in our lives. Anyway, my son was begging me to take him to see the new Disney movie Frozen (he didn’t really have to prod for long, I break for Disney movies). And needless to say, it was a fantastical fantasy!  I started tearing up when Elsa was singing “Let it Go.” I began relating it to my own life and when she stomped her foot down and belted out, “Here I stand and here I’ll stay!”, the powerful lyrics penetrated my very soul.  I haven’t stopped singing it since, so I’m going to pull an 8th grade move and say that this is my theme song.

I loved all of the colors and the frosty, iridescent palets they used in the film. And ironically enough, I had purchased some jewelry for Roadkill Ranch (before I saw the film) that was frosty, and ice-like with iridescent tones. And even more ironic than that, the jewelry hit the store yesterday, the same day the movie was released.

Look to this season with a fresh new glow and add a bit of shine to your wardrobe. Also, remember it’s OK to cry and it’s OK to let it go! I’ve attached Demi Lovatos “Let it Go” for your listening pleasure.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Anklet Time


I hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather was beautiful, and I spent the majority of my time pool side. I love it when all of the neighborhood kids come over and jump in my pool, it’s so cute. And, I even figured out a way to make them eat healthy snacks by serving veggies and nuts in cupcake liners. (Insert evil laugh.) It’s all about the packaging.

Anyway, when you’re in the sun all day, you start noticing things like, toe nail polish colors, spots you’ve missed while shaving and your lovely, bare ankles. Seriously, it’s time to break out the anklets. When I realized that I didn’t own a single anklet, I started researching and found this great DIY site http://honestlywtf.com/diy/diy-anklet/ .

I hope you’re all inspired to pull out your anklets, to create your own, or to purchase a new one this season. I’m going to see some of my jewelry vendors this week, so I promise to keep my eyes peeled for some cool anklets for Roadkill Ranch & Boutique. Until then, stay stylish, stay creative and stay happy!

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An Overall View

Scan 131260000

Scan 131260002-1Scan 131260001Scan 13126000490884725Picture 2

I remember in the early ’90s, overalls were the biggest fashion favorite for everyone. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone!  From men to women to punkers to hippies and everyone in between, overalls played an integral part of our wardrobes.

The pictures above from 1993 to 1996 speak for themselves. Our very first customer was this  curly-haired guy named Cheyenne. He came to our Orange store before we opened and became an instant Roadkill fan and life-long friend. We love his patchwork shirt paired with his overalls.

The second pic is our good friend Robert Goodwin who played (and still does) in a punk band called Head Noise. He paired his overalls with Doc Martins and wife beater tanks.

The third pic is my husband Robert working on the sign for our Fullerton store along with our faithful friend Cheyenne. Rob would throw his overalls on with Durango boots, a white T-shirt and a mix of silver and leather jewelry.

The fourth pic is our family picture. Yes, I had to represent the coolest fashion item of the season, my overalls. We wore matching gingham shirts and I tried adding a little femininity to my look with a vintage head scarf.

My son wasn’t even a year old at the time of this picture, and shortly after that on a Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 p.m., overalls were done ! The trend was over and no one has seen them since. Until now!

We just celebrated my son’s 17th birthday yesterday and it’s fun to look back on all of these great pics. The last two pics are what’s happening now. Overalls are back! They’re on the runways, in the stores, and are making their way back into the closets of everyone. I’m not sure if I can relive this fashion craze, but at least I have proof that I (and everyone else around me at the time) embraced the look.

This time around it’s not going to be your original Oshkosh work clothes, it will be tapered and studded and embellished with the latest trinkets. Designers are making high-end overalls in leather and other luxe materials so get ready for the new (or not so new) thing.

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Class and Sass



This is my friend Karyn, she is the owner and lead designer of Classic Hardware. Classic Hardware is a long-standing, amazing jewelry company made in the USA, and we’re proud to carry it at Roadkill Ranch & Boutique. Her motto is: “Jewelry With Class and Sass.”

I had admired her “K” necklace a few weeks back while visiting her in Burbank. I loved the chunky feel with the black chain, and wished I had my own with the letter “J”.

Anyway, we met up this weekend in Orange, and much to my surprise she had a gift for me, yep, you guessed it, my very own “J” necklace. I was so excited, I put it on right away. She was wearing hers too, so we decided to be twins. (There comes a point in your life when you just don’t care anymore if you and your friend are wearing the same thing.) And that’s when the night took off. I can’t tell you everything that happened, but we kept it classy and definitely sassy.

After painting The Orange Circle red, we ended up hanging out with some artists, gallery owners (and a woman who was trying to cure breast cancer) at Havens Gastropub and had a blast. Well, except for one person, who didn’t seem to be having such a good time. My OCD kicked in and I kept trying to figure out what her problem was. Was she tired?  Was it too loud?  After a while I realized she was sad because she didn’t have a Classic Hardware initial necklace too.

Check out the link to order yours today.


This message has been brought to you by the letter “J”!

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Lego Lagerfeld

chanel-lego_1chanel-lego_3 chanel-lego_4

Sometimes I can’t help but play army men, Legos, cars, and everything else that comes with having a seven-year-old son. But lately, I’ve been thinking to myself that I’ve been spending too much time playing games and should probably grow up a bit. Then, Chanel came out with these Lego-inspired clutches during Paris Fashion Week, so now I’m justified!!! Woo Hoo!!!

I wonder if Karl Lagerfeld sits at home and plays with Legos too? That’s probably why they’re available in a rainbow of colors. Because every child (at heart) knows that playing with just one Lego is boring. And, that’s exactly how I’m going to justify the purchases of the green, the clear and the red. I want to build a fort!  (The army men need a place to hide.)

Happy Monday!

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That’s Tight!

Picture 15il_570xN.340856650

I just came across these amazing tights by Indie artist Teja Jamilla. I’m obsessed with cool leg wear and Teja’s designs are far from boring! I love all of the whimsical styles and colors. And who wouldn’t want an Alice in Wonderland/ Steampunk inspired pair of tights?

Check out her Etsy store at http://www.etsy.com/shop/TejaJamilla for more great looks and support an Indie artist this season.

Happy Tuesday!


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Monday in Malibu



I can’t say that rainy days and Mondays always get me down. Today I get to hang out with my BF for some serious shopping and trend-spotting in Malibu. I’m drawing my wardrobe inspiration from this picture. I’m just so excited that the weather has cooled down and I can finally pull out all of my sweaters and coats.

This girl kind of reminds me of me, from the hair to the shoes to the phone. She must be INSTAGRAMMING!

And that’s what I’ll be doing too (in between shopping), so I hope you’ll join me under Roadkill_ranch for the latest finds.


Happy Monday!

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My Wish List

My Wish List
OK, here it is, my official holiday “Wish List”.
1. The iPhone5.  My friends and family are making fun of me that I still have an iPhone 3 and are calling it an antique. And no, that’s not the reason I need an upgrade, it’s really slow and I can’t get my Roadkill Ranch Instagram posts quick enough (among other very important things).
2. The new iPad. Because my old iPad doesn’t even have a camera!  C’mon! (Plus it’s a good work tool.)
3. The Anna Sui for Coach leather bag. Because I’ve been searching for a new bag for years and this has my name all over it, plus it’s a limited edition.
4. The Marc Jacobs doll. How cute!!! Because if I can’t have Marc Jacobs, then I want his doll! (Don’t get me started.)
5. Tory Burch cuff bracelet.  Because at least I’m not asking for a complete Tory wardrobe, and Santa should be thankful.
6. Unicorn lovers pillow. Because there are such things as unicorns and happily ever afters!
7. Kate Spade iPad cover. Because I have to protect my new toy, I mean my “work” tool.
8. New PJs. Because they’re cute and comfy and I want to feel cute and comfy on Christmas morning when I’m opening all of Santa’s gifts.
9. Louis Vuitton wallet. Because I’ve had the same wallet for the past 10 years (see, it pays to invest in good leather) but now it’s starting to show. Louis Vuitton has a life-time warranty. And again, Santa should be glad that I’m not asking for the luggage.
10. Philosophy’s candy cane flavored lip gloss. Because Santa deserves sweet kisses.
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Spider Style

My 16 year old son recently brought home a “pet” tarantula.

“Look mom, I bought a spider.”

Me: (Totally disgusted, but trying not to take the “shock value” bait.) “Oh cool, let me grab my camera.”

Click, Click, Click!

Me: “I hope it doesn’t bite you!”

Son: “It’s docile mom!”

Me: (Secretly googles the word docile) “Oh OK, well, I hope it doesn’t get loose.” (Desperately  hoping it escapes from it’s jar. Oh,scratch that! I don’t want it loose in the house!!!)

A few days pass and son still hasn’t upgraded the spider’s living space to a larger atrium or box. He hasn’t even played with it, and now I’m starting to feel sorry for the thing. WTF is wrong with me?! I’m feeling sorry for a spider?

Oddly enough, I came across this pic of tarantula shoes. It’s supposed to be a live spider living in the sole. So, I’m going to tell my son today, that if he doesn’t start taking care of his “pet” then I’m donating it to the Fashion Industry. At least if it’s safely in a shoe like this, it will be able to get out a little bit and see the sights, see other creatures and feel a sense of purpose.


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