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Book Marc


Last week Heidi (the store manager of Roadkill Ranch & Boutique) and I were invited to an Emmy celebrity party on Melrose, hosted by Doris Bergman and Associates. It was a lovely day full of TV stars and industry people. We had the opportunity to promote Roadkill Ranch & Boutique and network with some amazing souls. (I will post pics this week.)

Since it was a daytime event, we were out early and decided to explore the area. Of course you all know I break for Marc Jacobs, so when we saw his book store… SCREECH!

Up until that point, the highlight of my day was meeting Robert Wagner, but when I caught this giant eyeball blinking in the window of Book Marc (How cute is that name?), thoughts flooded my brain about the genius that powers Marc Jacobs. There was no place to park (What else is new?), but I noticed a loading zone. Heidi (AKA Ethel) pretended to load our mannequins in the car while I ran into the store in hopes to see Marc Jacobs and express my undying love. (My fantasy life is awesome!)

Unfortunately, he wasn’t there. And of course, no pictures allowed. But, after 10 minutes of questioning the girl behind the counter of his whereabouts, she finally caved and let me take a pic of the eyeball. I’m pretty sure she just wanted to get rid of me. After I told her I wanted to get stuck in an elevator with Marc for hours just to pick his brain, she gave me a “you are crazy” look. Oh, who cares what she thinks? Plus, now I can share the cool window display with you all.

Happy Monday! Stay true to yourself!

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Palazzo Pants

Scan 132200000



Palazzo pants are a “must have”  for fall wardrobes. I love the fluid leg and the crazy prints that are offered this season. They’re the perfect combination of high-style and low- maintenance. In the ’70s, Palazzo pants were part of daily styles. My mom had a closet full of them and jumpsuits too. I remember sitting on her bed as a little girl and staring into her magical closet of style. I couldn’t wait to grow up so I could wear all of her cool clothes. Isn’t it ironic how when you’re young, you want to be old and when you’re old you want to be young?

The first picture is my mom and I on my 5th birthday. She always took her style so seriously, and she was a stay-at-home mom. No sweats or  flip-flops for this lady! My brothers and I were always dressed to the nines. Look at her wide-legged pants and headband. I remember this day clearly because we were playing a silly game of who could sit on the balloon and pop it. Who plays that? Weird?

Anyway, about the Palazzo pant– they’re back and they’re HOT!!! Look for stripes, paisley prints, geometrics and florals. Pair with a solid blouse or mix it up with a graphic T-shirt or a smaller patterned top.

The last 3 pics are from my store, Roadkill Ranch & Boutique. We got inspired to do a disco themed window with all of our new merchandise. Barb worked on styling, while I was busy trying to get a discount on disco balls at The Halloween Club. A few square mirrors were missing, so the owner and I got into quite the bargaining banter. Turned out to be a happy ending, he sold me some strobe lights at regular price and I got my discount on the balls.

Now it’s time to get my groove on! I’ve been singing Mac Arthur Park by Donna Summer all morning, it epitomizes the era. I decided to share it with you as well (karaoke version of course).

Shortly after this picture of me was taken, my parents divorced and my dad moved into an apartment complex in Santa Ana, Ca. called Mac Arthur Park. Whenever this song played on the radio back then, I always thought it was about my dad’s new place. Kids think the darnedest things.

Hope everyone has an inspired day.

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Ice Cream Crazy

KARL-x-MELISSA-Ice-Cream-Heels-pauline-feat1-320x240Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld Launch Event
karl-lagerfeld-ice-cream-cone-shoe-640x485 karl-lagerfeld-ice-cream-cone-shoe2-640x876


I  love it when people think my ideas are crazy and then someone super- f**king-awesome like Karl Lagerfeld does something in the same vein!  I’ve been on an ice cream kick for a while and my creative team and I transformed the boutique into a parlor-like feel with ice cream cone sculptures and sherbet hues.
I had shared my window ideas with a few people before I went forward and they rolled their eyes like I was a lunatic and gave me a negative vibe (which is why I tend to keep my visions to myself). I’ve learned to go with my gut! And, I’m so glad I did on this.
Oh! Wow! Look! Karl Lagerfeld made ice cream shoes for the brand Melissa. (Does happy dance.) He must have been on an ice cream kick too.
I’m sure the “Debby-Downers” are all having brain freezes right now. As for me, I’m having two scoops of confidence sprinkled with dreams.
PS I love my team!!!
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Candy Coated


As a boutique owner, my team and I are always trying to think of creative ways to promote the products through visual merchandising. We spend a lot of time brainstorming, making props and displaying the merchandise for our customers. So, you can imagine how far my jaw dropped  when I saw these photos from the Harbour City Mall in Hong Kong.

The amount of love that went into this exhibit is truly phenomenal, and all to promote their 3rd annual chocolate trail. During the month of Feb. they set up over 20 stands throughout the mall featuring  gourmet chocolatiers from around the world, including: Mio Miko from Belgium and  Venchi from Italy.

I’m impressed with the integrity of the show and I wish I could visit Hong Kong just to see this in person. Although the props are not edible, they certainly do the trick; I’m already craving chocolate!

Have a sweet week!

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Clothes Horse


This is Maxfield. An uber-cool store nestled in the corner of The Malibu Country Mart. Monday was my ditch work, (well not really, I was trend spotting) spend time with friends, shopping day, and we had a blast. Of course, I’m always intrigued with visual merchandising, so I was pretty amused at this “Clothes Horse” that stood proudly at the entrance of the store. The sexy beast was layered in white panties, garter belts, gloves and bras. It was a magnificent sight to behold. While everyone else was ooh-ing and aww-ing over the 120k vintage, designer bar ware and the 20k “special” rings, I was kicking myself for not bringing my good camera.

This picture is just proof that I NEED the new iPhone 5 with a better camera!!! (HINT HINT SANTA!) Anyway, I loved everything about this store, from the gorgeous merchandise to the sign on the floor that read: “Happy Holidays U Clothes Horse U.”

Brilliant! I’m inspired!

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13 Calaveras

Whenever we change out our windows, we try to keep the Ranch side different from the boutique side. Well, because, they’re different. Our friend (and local artist) Leonard Fiedororwicz is an amazing window dresser and an awesome artist. Last year was the first time in 18 years that we gave an artist (Leonard) complete creative control over our window displays. So, I guess you could say that Leonard made history with the  “Fun House” window, a circus theme with an edge that turned out incredible.

This year he’s back with “The Day of the Dead” celebration. And, since Leonard is our featured artist this month for Fullerton’s Art Walk at Roadkill Ranch, we gave him the control over our windows again (it’s not an easy thing to do when you have 4 creatively, intense Roadkill Girls).

His exhibit is titled “13 Calaveras” and he has created 13 skulls to be featured. The 2 largest skulls are already hanging in the windows and they look fab! Each skull is made from wood, hand-painted, numbered and signed. And, they are all reasonably priced (along with some of his one-of-a-kind collectibles).

The rest of the exhibit will be on display Friday from 6pm to 10pm. So, if you’re in the area, please stop by and see his amazing show, check out our windows, and pick up a skull or two.

Leonard’s friend  “El Mysterioso” will be entertaining us with his phenomenal, one-man-band Mariachi show.

And, rumor has it…there might be sangria floating around.

“Fun House” window by Leonard Fiedorowicz, 2011. History in the making.

P.S. When snooty vendors ask me for pics of my brick and mortar store (to make sure that I really do have a store), I send them this pic  and say, “Is this OK?”

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Something to Crow About!

One of my favorite things to do is visual merchandising, and my creative team at Roadkill Ranch & Boutique has done it again! Since we are always on a budget, we like to repurpose old props and give them new life. We wanted to feature this season’s trends including:  glitter, studs and metallics,  but also wanted to create a sense of drama mixed with a bit of mystery.

Maggy took two old mannequins and painted rib cages on them and Barb gave new life to the bird cages with gold sparkle paint. We had so many books left over from our last window, so we decided to paint the spines black and come up with our own titles that were humorously dark and fashionably infused. We added crows with crowns, black branches (thanks to Barb’s trail excursion and some black spray paint) and lots of glitter.

The store looks amazing and I couldn’t have done it without my totally wicked, fashionably dramatic, creative team. Thanks Roadkill Girls!

Heidi, Barb and Maggy ROCK!!!

PS Stay tuned for pics of the Ranch side featuring “Day of the Dead” theme by local artist Leonard Fiedororwicz.

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111 Years of Extraordinary!

Bergdorf Goodman is celebrating 111 years in business. Why celebrate 111 and not 100? According to the store, the 111 year milestone properly conveys “Bergdorf’s being one store in one city, providing one singular luxury experience.”  And rightfully so! The store drips with the best designer goods, a splendorous interior and impeccable customer service.

In celebration of their significance, the window displays were dressed with 12 outfits that depict fashion since 1901. On top of that, the 12 displays were all made out of paper by New York artists Mark Gagnon and Samantha Smith. UH- MAY- ZING!!!

Over 100 designers including: Oscar de la Renta, Jimmy Choo and Valentino, have created exclusive anniversary collections. The designer shoe pictured above is an exclusive by Charlotte Olympia.

I stood by the glass case and drooled over the lavender wedge with its intricately-stitched shopping scene. Then I vacillated over the thought of taking a photo or leaving with just a mental image. I didn’t want to risk the chance of being reprimanded by the staff for unauthorized  photos, but when I glanced over at the display of stacked books titled “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman”, I pulled out my Canon Rebel and clicked.

I figured life is too short to not take risks, and if I was going to get myself in trouble in NYC, it best be at the distinguished “first family of fashion’s” glorious establishment. Luck was on my side, I got the shot, and I left  thinking that I too would like to have my ashes scattered over BG.

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Shoe Addict

What makes for a perfect Saturday? For me, it’s  walking down Madison Ave. in New York with my “bestie” checking out window displays and shopping for shoes. And, that’s exactly what I did last Saturday (hence the lack of blogging all week). New York was amazing and the only bad thing about the trip was that it went by too fast! I was so inspired by all of  the boutiques and specialty shops; the amount of pride and visual integrity that went into the presentation of the store window displays was extraordinary.

My favorite, by far, was Barney’s. Since, they’re celebrating shoes all month, they took it to the extreme. They transformed their window into a live fish tank where Christian Louboutin pumps floated in mid air while hundreds of pink fish swam around them. “Swimming with the Louboutin” was the epic message.

The opposing window was a collage of pumps. It looked as though someone had dumped a truck load of shoes into a giant, glass box. The sign read: “Count The Shoes”. Of course, after you stood there for 45 minutes counting shoes, you were encouraged to submit your count inside the store for a chance to win a shopping spree. I didn’t have time to count the shoes, my ADD was kicking in and I found myself on the 5th floor of Barney’s lusting and crying over the most amazing shoes in the world.  It was sick!!!

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what happened next, because my husband sometimes reads my blog. Hint: YSL wedge.

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The Art of Window Dressing

Here’s my Vlog for the week. It’s all about my obsession with visual merchandising at Roadkill Ranch & Boutique. I hope you enjoy it and are inspired to create.

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